DOM events

just a brief comment on Raph's comments about the DOM events:

it's correct that to fully use an MVC model would require an extra 
feature in the DOM event module, namely the use of event groups. 
Raph's is, however, a specific application of the model and we don't 
think the problem will affect everyone using the events module. The 
DOM WG likes the idea of making this addition, which can be 
made on top of the current model, but is wary of adding more at 
this late stage before the basic events framework has been more 
widely implemented and tested.

The DOM spec will be moving into Candidate Recommendation 
phase soon, which is where we ask for implementation feedback 
on the DOM Level 2 to make sure we haven't made things 
impossible to implement!



Received on Friday, 3 December 1999 15:33:36 UTC