Re: Can SVG support simple inline image and imagemask data?

"Yardumian, Rick" wrote:
> I have some simple (16 x 16 x 1 bit) images that I want to use as
> fill patterns. I'm trying to figure out how to embed, that is, place
> the image data in an SVG file as opposed to referencing it in a
> separate file as a PNG or JPEG image.

I was looking for the same, but I think there is no way of achieving
this in the current SVG specs.

> In PostScript you have the image and imagemask operators that
> can take inline image data as HEX characters. Does SVG have a similar
> capability or are you forced to place the image data in a separate file as
> described by the SVG image element?

We have the same capabilities in our (old) proprietory format and I'm
really missing this in SVG. Given an unique ID, the contained image
data could be reused from inside or outside the file which takes care
of the reuse requirement. Could any of the experts enlighten us a bit
why this can/will not be part of SVG? Any chance that something like this
will be available in the final specs? :->


Received on Thursday, 2 December 1999 09:43:31 UTC