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Corel to Release SVG Filter

From: Haroon Sheikh <haroons@corel.com>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 10:51:25 -0400
Message-ID: <37CBEBED.38C6B7B@corel.ca>
To: SVG Public Mailing List <www-svg@w3.org>
To the SVG public mailing list,

Corel has issued a public statement regarding SVG. I've included the
press release below. Information about Corel & SVG can be found at the
following links.

-----Press Release-----
Corel To Release SVG Filter
First public beta of new filter for CorelDRAW® 9 is now available

Ottawa, Canada— August 30, 1999— Corel Corporation (NASDAQ: CORL, TSE:
COR) is pleased to announce that it will release an SVG (Scalable Vector
Graphics) export filter for CorelDRAW® 9. The first public beta of this
filter was made available today.

“Releasing a beta of this filter gives us the opportunity to let the
graphics community know what to look forward to in open-standard
graphics,” said Derek Burney, executive vice president of engineering at
Corel Corporation. “CorelDRAW 9 users will now be able to export their
graphics to SVG and experience the real benefit of high-quality vector
images on the Web in comparison to the bulky bitmaps they’re using now.”

SVG, which is currently being developed, is the emerging standard for
vector graphics on the Web. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is an
international cross-industry organization which is developing
vendor-neutral technology standards for the Web, and spearheading the
development of SVG. Corel has been a part of the W3C’s SVG working group
since it was formed last year.

SVG is a language for describing graphics in XML (Extensible Markup
Language). SVG allows users to create vector graphic images, which can
provide superior detail with faster download times than current Web
graphics standards. The quality of SVG graphics will not be affected if
they are reduced or enlarged, providing higher print quality, as well as
potential for quality graphics on other devices. SVG features such as
extensibility, animation, transparency and accessibility will enhance
the content provider’s ability to provide advanced functionality within
graphics delivered over the Internet.

“In the 21st century, the computing world will depend on tools that are
based upon open standards, are easy to use and work across multiple
platforms,” said Mr. Burney. “We are confident that our SVG capabilities
will significantly enhance our product offerings in the future. Corel
applications use common filter technology which will allow us to deliver
SVG capabilities in our existing products on an ongoing basis.”

The filter technology that Corel is currently developing for its
graphics applications will allow users to create documents with SVG that
are ready to be published to the Web or used on other applications that
support SVG. Corel is also developing filters to allow users to import
SVG files into its graphics applications and is committed to the support
of SVG plug-in and viewer technology that is currently being developed.
Corel will
assist to facilitate the adoption of SVG as the graphics file format of

For more information on the availability of the beta or additional
details on Corel’s SVG development, please see www.corel.com/svg or
visit the Corel booth (#1513) at Seybold, San Francisco from August 30,
1999 to September 3, 1999.

Corel Corporation
Corel Corporation is an internationally recognized developer of
award-winning graphics and business productivity applications.
Development of market-leading products such as the CorelDRAW® line of
graphics applications and the Corel® WordPerfect® Suite of business
tools is continually evolving to meet the demands of the corporate,
retail and academic markets. Committed to performance, compatibility,
value and open
standards, Corel develops products for the Windows®, Macintosh®, UNIX®,
Linux® and Java™ platforms. Corel’s common stock trades on The NASDAQ
Stock Market under the symbol CORL and on the Toronto Stock Exchange
under the symbol COR. For more information visit Corel’s Web site at

Corel, WordPerfect, CorelDRAW and the Go Further logo are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Corel Corporation or Corel Corporation Limited.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. UNIX is a registered
trademark of The Open Group. All other product names are trademarks of
their respective companies. All other brands and products referenced
herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective

Haroon Sheikh
Architect - Emerging Technologies, Corel Corporation
email: haroons@corel.com    Tel: 613.728.0826 ext. 1961
Read about Corel's involvement with Linux @ http://linux.corel.com
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