Re: Interesting site: talks about adobe's plans for SVG

I thought I would provide a quick update on SVG in general and Adobe's
plans for SVG in particular, since some things have changed since Colin's
last posting on June 2.

Since June 2, the SVG working group has indeed sorted out some issues
regarding animation and interactivity. As you can see from the July 30
public draft spec (, SVG has
pretty sophisticated animation as part of its grammar. These animation
features have been developed in close collaboration with the SYMM working
group, which is looking at defining common XML animation capabilities for
XHTML, SMIL, SVG and other future XML languages. SVG will offer some
SVG-specific advanced animation features not available in XHTML and SMIL.

Included in the animation feature set are attributes beginEvent and
endEvent, which allow animations to be initiated by UI events such as mouse
clicks. Thus, it will be possible to make SVG documents have both animation
and interactivity without having to use scripts. (The actual attribute
names might get changed before SVG goes final.)

The animation features are very general. Basically, you can animate most
attributes and properties on any element. You can even animate filter
effects (but don't try this on your Palm Pilot).

Lots of other SVG details have been worked out in recent weeks. Review the
Change History section of the July 30 spec to see what we have been up to.
Also, we just had a face-to-face meeting, so a couple of capabilities which
aren't documented yet in the July 30 draft will be documented in our next
draft, which hopefully will appear pretty soon.

Regarding Adobe, Colin's article is still pretty much on target. So far, we
have demonstrated Adobe Illustrator generating SVG and a browser plugin
that views SVG. Adobe has stated publicly (since Sept. 98) that we will be
supporting SVG across our product line and that we will make our SVG
browser plugin available for use with legacy browsers.

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG editor
Adobe Systems Incorporated

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