Re:Re: FYI: 7-6-99 SVG Spec 9.1

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>>And your point is...?
>>Sections 9.2, 9.3 specify that you can use "fill: url(<uri>)" or
>>"stroke: url(<uri>)" to do this.
>Just because you can fill from a uri it doesn't mean it will be tiled through 
>the image. Right now it appears that tiling is a maybe.
>The point is that the spec says you will be able to fill a graphic with a 
>single color or a single raster image and POSSIBLY tile a small raster image 
>throughout the graphic.

Oh, that's what I expect it to do (and that expectation is reflected
in my code).  I haven't been able to test whether anyone else thinks
the same, yet.

>The word POSSIBLY implies that it is not for sure at 
>this point in time that this capability will make it into the final draft of 
>the spec.

I interpret this as meaning that the pattern may or may not be tiled,
depending on how it is defined.  If one instance entirely covers the
shape being filled, then it will not be tiled.

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