Re: Status of XSL and CSS?

Bill Wadley wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm wondering what the current thinking is regarding XSL and CSS. I've read
> some archived messages by Paul Prescod and Simon St.Laurent
> (, but can't tell in
> which direction the SVG-WG is looking.

The basis of the debate was that SVG diagrams are not generalized markup
and therefore the usual principles of stylesheet use DO NOT APPLY. SVG is
a formatter-specific graphics language. Stylesheet use in SVG document
will be rare for the same reason that stylesheets are hardly ever used in
vector graphics languages and formatting-specific languages like Word.
Most SVG will be generated SVG-creating tools will not encourage and may
not even allow stylesheet use.

I argued that since most SVG will be generated and stylesheet-less it
should be optimized for ease of generation, and should not penalize
"inline style" in the way that HTML does (for historically good reason).

So no, my position is not that XSL is better for SVG. CSS is great -- just
don't make it so difficult to use and process. Stylesheet use should be a
valid choice. Inline style should be another.

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