Raster Support


Just a few questions about possible raster support with the SVG

1) Do you think it would be a good idea to allow the use of embedded
raster images within a defined svg?  In particularly, allowing the use of
raster images as tiles, which could serve as textures/covers/etc. tiled
onto existing
vector graphics....this could also apply later on to 3d svg's.

2) Similarly, could people define texture maps for existing vector
graphics, which could be used to add effects like rough paper, grass,
stone, marble, etc.  

In general it seems like this could make for much richer possibilities for
vector graphics, especially for applications such as logos and charts and

3) Would it be possible to allow developers to designate within the code
GIFs and JPEGs to display in place of an svg of the web browser didn't
support XML or vector graphics?  It might help in quickening the adoption
of vector graphics if there was a built in way to support older browsers.

Seperately, would it be possible to define a standard set of possible
gradients (rainbow, starburst, slight gradient, etc.) as well as the
ability to define new gradients? 

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