SMIL21: DOM Interfaces

Dear Synchronized Multimedia Working Group, section 2.3.1 has

  SMIL is an XML-based language and conforms to the (XML) DOM Core
  [DOM1], [DOM2]. In  the future, a SMIL-specific DOM recommendation
  may specify support for timing and synchronization, media integration,
  and other synchronized multimedia functionality. A language profile
  may include DOM support. The granularity of DOM being supported
  corresponds to the modules being selected in that language profile. As
with all modules, required support for the DOM is an option of the
  language profile.

and in 10.6.3 

  SMIL Timing reserves four DOM methods for controlling the timing of
  elements: beginElement(), beginElementAt(), endElement(), and
  endElementAt(), and describes their effect on the timing model. Full
  definition of these methods is left to a future document describing
  DOM functionality.

This was probably current and appropriate language for SMIL 2.0 First
Edition, but as the SMIL Animation Recommendation got published shortly
after SMIL 2.0 FE, that does not seem so anymore. The SMIL Animation
Recommendation however has several errors concerning these interfaces,
I think SMIL 2.1 should include the interface descriptions found in SMIL
Animation and update them as appropriate.

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Received on Monday, 12 December 2005 08:47:54 UTC