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RE: Is there a DTD file for SMIL available?

From: Cohen, Aaron M <aaron.m.cohen@intel.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 10:20:15 -0800
Message-ID: <D5E932F578EBD111AC3F00A0C96B1E6F0626B339@orsmsx31.jf.intel.com>
To: "'Jonathan Batchelor'" <jmb8@ukc.ac.uk>, www-smil@w3.org

Of course, there is a complete DTD for SMIL 1.0 in an appendix of the SMIL
1.0 specification. If you really are referring to the SMIL 2.0 Language, the
published last call working draft included a DTD for that version of the
specification. But be aware that this is still a work in progress and things
like the DTD's are still being refined.


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> From: Jonathan Batchelor [mailto:jmb8@ukc.ac.uk]
> Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 3:55 AM
> To: www-smil@w3.org
> Subject: Is there a DTD file for SMIL available?
> Is there a proper, complete DTD file available for SMIL anywhere?
> I'm doing a project which requires a SMIL file to be parsed 
> using Haskell,
> with a tool called HaXml. This requires a DTD file to generate
> type definitions. I've tried cutting and pasting the DTD bits in the
> specification isn't good enough, as it seems to be missing 
> certain bits
> and pieces (like the DOCTYPE tags).
> The project is to build a prototype system for the animation 
> module using
> a Haskell library called Fran (Functional Reactive Animation).
> Cheers,
> Jonathan Batchelor
> Final Year Computer Science Undergraduate
> University of Kent at Canterbury
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