Re: Form posted from Windows Internet Explorer.

On Sep 12, 2006, at 19:59 , RS wrote:

> report=The below content is exacty the same as another rdf file  
> that validates here with the exception of the URL concerned yet  
> with this file I get this error and I do not understand why

>    <dc:subject>
>       website awards; web awards; internet; design; awards; web  
> site; website; web; site; free; homepage; home; page; webpage;  
> best; top; hot; cool; choice; best websites; best sites; apply;  
> submit; win; won; winning; winners; rated; rating; ratings; index;  
> indexes; indices; list; listing; lists; link; linking; links;  
> worksheet; resource; free  resource; resources; free promotion;  
> promote; promoting; promotion; webmaster; webmasters; designers</ 
> dc:subject>
>     </dc:subject>

You seem to have two closing </dc:subject>s here.

Hope this helps,

Received on Tuesday, 19 September 2006 23:05:32 UTC