Re: FW: RDF Question

Williams, Stuart wrote:

> Hello,
> I passed the attached RDF (retrieved from the CS Aktive Space) project
> through the RDF validator with the aim of looking at the resulting graph. I
> was quite surprised by the repeated occurrence of multiple arcs all the
> same. It caused me to make an enquiry of Jeremy Carroll (see below) who
> suggested I report this as a bug. To a certain extent I guess a similar
> comment could apply to the CS Aktive Space application itself... it
> shouldn't so obviously be exporting sich repeated triple, but I think that
> the validator should also be supressing the duplicates too.

I suggest you use IsaViz [1] to get a representation of the graph with 
duplicates removed. IsaViz uses a JenaReader to create a Jena model, and 
as Jeremy said, this removes all duplicates.


I've attached an SVG representation of your graph obtained with IsaViz.


P.S: The validator seems to be down right now, so I failed to get a 
representation from it.

Emmanuel Pietriga (

Received on Monday, 7 June 2004 04:10:13 UTC