Re: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Marjolein Katsma wrote:

>report=Here's another I haven't encountered before (SAX error):
>The error message is correct in that it points to the actual error - but the "matching end tag" is listed (rendered) only as an empty string (another case of unescaped special characters - this time I looked at the source code!)
Yes, it is another escaping problem. I have identified the source, and 
this one should be easy to fix.

Now, regarding the looping problem, I have no clue right now. This is 
really weird! I'll have to investigate it further.

>NOTE - Hmmm- again the source code didn't transfer to the email message - another buglet? Pasted manually again:
I've noticed that whether the code gets transfered in the mail or not 
depends on what web browser/mail client people are using.

Thanks for the reports,

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