Validated Office Skills Test

Attention: Human Resources & Recruiting Professionals

Take The Guesswork Out of Hiring Your Administrative Staff! 

Implement tests that assess true job skills in:

* Keyboarding
* Microsoft Windows 
* Word processing
* Spreadsheets
* Databases
* Proofreading
* Basic Math
* Filing
* Data Entry

OPAC tests use the "live" software loaded on your computer rather than simulations because it's a better judge of a person's skills. Don't encourage memorization with "simulated" tests.

Create company-specific job profiles! You can set the software preferences so that candidates can simply log on to the tests specific to the position they are applying for. And you can also content-validate the OPAC tests for a specific position and location using the Validation Wizard. 

Personality testing! Utilize the built in Hogan Personality Inventory to assess a job candidate's "fit" for a position and your corporate culture.

Create your own tests with Test Writer 2000, a customized testing feature, which allows you to create your own true-false, multiple-choice, or fill-in-the-blank tests that are self-scoring. 

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