Free test: the present position of your web site

Test your present position of your web site

We are offering you a free test to see the present position of your web site on the Internet. We are also offering the cheapest submission method to add your site to the 1500 most important search engines. 
There are 3850 search engines in our database (and countless FFA sites).
Many companies are promising to add your site to 1500 search engines but after all the acceptation  rate is much less than 50% in most of the cases by an automatic submission. 
Why is it so low?
Not all directories and search engines are relevant for your Web sites. For example, some are only for non-US Web sites, some accepting categories only like music, kids, business, religion, travel, finance, advertising, medical, animals, cars, broadcasts, computing, arts, education, employment, families, food, Internet, magazines, media, news, politics, shopping, society, technology etc....
Every day new directories come into existence and others disappear.
The policies of the existing search engines are changing more frequently than ever before.

After all, we are in the position to add your site to 1500 search engines in all cases, even if the 60% of the search engines reject your site's submission.

See our prices and smile:
 0.00 US$: free test: the present position of your web site at the main Search engines.
 9.95 US$: submission to 1500 search engines
19.95 US$: URL submission to the 1500 search engines and more than one Million (1.090.612) FFA sites! 
34.95 US$: We will help you to create the right METATAGS for your site and submit it to the 1,500 greatest search engines. Your site will be monitored the next three months until you get top-ranking results.
Order: provides search engine submission services to help you to get better rankings for the lowest price ever! 
Our search engine positioning can help you into top rankings at search engines like Alta Vista, AllTheWeb, and Yahoo etc...

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