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Re: Pragmatic Hermeneutics

From: Jon Awbrey <jawbrey@oakland.edu>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 20:44:05 -0500
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RDF Logic SIG:

At the instance of an off-list querent regarding
this author's intention, parentage, and state of
mind in writing his most recent contributions to
the PH-thesis that you find newly instanced here,
I find myself instanced to add this new gloss to
the preceding instances of the theme in question:

instance 'vt'
  1 : to illustrate or demonstrate by an instance,
  2 : to mention or as a case or example : CITE.

Further, in accord with a very common and general, if a sometimes
colloquially applied rule for transforming certain types of nouns
into verbs, say, whereby "instanced" is easily understood, by any
interpreter who choses to do so, as a rough but a brief semantic
equivalent to the periphrastic formula "made an instance", the
only question of interpretation then remaining is what sense
of the noun "instance" might reasonably and/or charitably be
expected to make the most fitting contribution of sense to
the context in question.  So, one may consider this data:

instance 'n'
  1a : (archaic) urgent or earnest solicitation,
  2a : (archaic) EXCEPTION,
  2b : an illustrative case,
  2c : (obsolete) SIGN, TOKEN,
  2d : (obsolete) CIRCUMSTANCE, DETAIL,
  3  : the institution and prosecution of a lawsuit : SUIT,
  4  : an event that is part of a process or series.

Given the inkling, that I imagine most folks hereabouts
have probably gathered by now, that one of this author's
missions in life is to recycle, to revive, and to reuse
archaic and obsolete, but perfectly good senses of words --
think of it as "software re-usability, the early years" --
you may easily suspect that no sense of the term should
go unturned in the pursuit of its most fitting meaning.

But I will no doubt try again,
until I find a way to pose it
that works for whatever forms
of common sense abilities are
the most prevailing ones here.

Like I said before, and will no doubt say again:
It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

Many Regards,

Jon Awbrey

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