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Detached Ideas On Vitally Important Topics (DIOVIT)

From: Jon Awbrey <jawbrey@oakland.edu>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 13:06:21 -0500
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ReDeFo Logic Folks,

I thought that it would be advisable, perhaps,
to thread a new line of thread for this sutra,
but just so that it does not get too detached
from the "vitally important topics" that form
its context, the warps of its woof, if 'twill
be acceptable to you, here are the knots that
constitute the thrum of this looming tapestry:


It is my custom, when approaching a new question that I need to think about,
or even when addressing an old question that I need to think about yet again,
to gather together a collection of source materials that appear, if only in
my mind, to circumscribe the circumstances of the question in question, and
hopefully to throw a little bit of light on its deeper obscurities, if only
in my own mind.  So let me begin with the liturgious work of that "Te Deum",
and take it as a mark of my respect to this COI that I will delay the evals
of the day when I interject what exe.actly I think that these sources ought
to be saying to the plurality of you, as each of your persons may happen to
be situated in your common and diverse "points of view" (POV's), at least,
as I see the situation from mine.  I fully understand that it may be some
time before I have explained to your satisfaction, or ultimate anesthesis,
what conceivable bearing that the ideas and the insights of this person
who lived from 1839 to 1914 could conceivably have on the problems that
I overheard you folks talking about just the other day, in this forum.

e-nuff e-said ...

Here now are what I think are the pertinent passages from C.S. Peirce's
Cambridge Conference Lectures of 1898, entitled, through no election or
fault of his own, "Detached Ideas On Vitally Important Topics" (DIOVIT),
part of which is found among the volumes of his 'Collected Papers' (CP),
and the entirety of which was published with very helpful commentary by
Kenneth Laine Ketner & Hilary Putnam under the title given in this data:

| Charles Sanders Peirce,
| 'Reasoning and the Logic of Things',
| 'The Cambridge Conferences Lectures of 1898',
| Edited by Kenneth Laine Ketner,
| With an Introduction by Kenneth Laine Ketner & Hilary Putnam,
| Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 1992.
| AKA "Detached Ideas On Vitally Important Topics" (DIOVIT),
| 'Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce', CP 1.616-677.

Oops!  Where did the morning go!?
I need to break for lunch now ...

More, Later,

Jon Awbrey

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