Re: A Model Theoretic Semantics for DAML-ONT (now, an Axiomatic Semantics)

This message is to announce a new version of our document that specifies
a formal semantics for the DAML-ONT language.
The new document is available in 3 forms:

and text:

also, our DAML project page is being kept updated with new release pointers:

The new document contains revisions that respond to the comments we
received on the previous version of the document.  Some highlights follow:

- We have expanded our earlier axiomatization to include RDF and RDFS.

- We have reformulated the axioms so that the KIF "holds" and KIF
sequence variables are no longer needed.(!)  The axioms now use only
standard first-order logic constructs plus KIF-specific relations and
functions dealing with lists.   Lists as objects in the domain of
discourse are needed in order to axiomatize RDF containers and the
DAML-ONT properties dealing with cardinality.

- We have modified the axiomatization of DAML-ONT's cardinality
properties to eliminate the problem of the case where a property has
infinitely many values for some object.  Cardinality constraints still
can only be stated for finite values.

Thanks to all those who provided feedback, particularly Pat Hayes.  Your reviews and insights have been quite useful.

As stated in the document, comments are welcome posted to the distribution list.

Richard and Deborah

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Received on Tuesday, 28 November 2000 01:20:56 UTC