Re: A Model Theoretic Semantics for DAML-ONT

> You mentioned that the semantics for KIF 'holds' means that anything of
> the form (holds ?x ?x) must be false for ?x.  However, the documents
> referenced by the Axiomatic Semantics paper (which appear to be the
> definitive documents on KIF) do not provide any semantics for this
> predicate.

I addressed the issue of the missing semantics for "holds" in my earlier
message to you as follows:

> Regarding "holds".  You are right that the semantics for "holds" is not
> in the documents referenced on the current KIF Web site.  I just
> discovered that omission this afternoon.  I have not been involved in
> the KIF standardization effort recently and so do not know why the
> semantics for "holds" was not included in the current documents.  Those
> semantics were in section 8.3 of the original KIF specification
> (available at
> and, as you mentioned, are obvious.  Namely:
> Given an interpretation I and a variable assignment V, the truth value
> with respect to I and V of a sentence of the form "(holds P T1 ... Tn)"
> is true if and only if the relation denoted by the semantic value with
> respect to I and V of P is true of the objects denoted by the semantic
> value with respect to I and V of each of the arguments T1 ... Tn.
> I will contact Genesereth to determine what if any rationale there was
> for not including the semantics of "holds" in the current KIF documents.


Received on Thursday, 16 November 2000 18:16:22 UTC