RE: Semantic mail

Email is a means of communication between a sender and a list of recipients(
1 or more ).
Marking up the email( header and or content ) would facilitate automation it
does not significantly affect the exposure of the information( email ).
Not marking up the email would be considered, "security through obscurity".

"Security through obscurity" techniques are not considered very strong
security mechanisms.

Here is a link to the freeware version of PGP.  A security mechanism many
use to protect their email.

Patrick Emery

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Privacy versus. Structure?  What a sad avenue.  Sure, you could keep your
room  real, real messy or your desk upside down as a deterrent to snoopers
and thieves.  That is an option - but structuring your life and your
information or any other possessions can be as solitary and private as you

Actually I would argue that intelligent and well formed infostructures are
advantageous to privacy rather than the contrary.

And for the sake of common courtesy Pat, I would suggest that you should
have looked twice at what I have written on this subject before making the
absurd suggestion that I am threatening your privacy!


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