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RE: Semantic mail

From: Craig Pugsley <craig.pugsley@mimesweeper.com>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 14:01:48 -0000
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I couldn't agree more. The only 'public' mail is that going to a mailing
list. Any other mail must have been intercepted covertly. Hence the need for
a secure channel using encryption.

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> To: Craig Pugsley; 'pat hayes'
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> Subject: RE: Semantic mail
> forgive me, but I see this privacy issue as a crazy red herring.  The 
> only people who'd have access to tagged email would be the people who 
> send and receive it (unless it was posted to web, in which case rules 
> of web page apply).  I'd use your tags to help me manage my archive 
> of email (currently over 100k messages and growing) -- also be nice 
> when the public archives were made semantically searchable (what was 
> that discussion about privacy in one of those www mailing lists a few 
> years ago??)  Guess I see semantic markup and overall mail issues as 
> separate -- what I do know is that keyword indexing of mail (as in 
> most of the articles mentioned in the list recently) has been a 
> failure in practice for large mail sets -- problem is if one uses a 
> static mail set, then the indexing techniques work okay, but since 
> you mail is dynamically increasing, and your interests changing, one 
> needs something more incremental and more content-based -- I can 
> already search my mail archives by keyword, it just doesn't usually 
> work real well...
>   -JH
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