RE: Semantic mail

forgive me, but I see this privacy issue as a crazy red herring.  The 
only people who'd have access to tagged email would be the people who 
send and receive it (unless it was posted to web, in which case rules 
of web page apply).  I'd use your tags to help me manage my archive 
of email (currently over 100k messages and growing) -- also be nice 
when the public archives were made semantically searchable (what was 
that discussion about privacy in one of those www mailing lists a few 
years ago??)  Guess I see semantic markup and overall mail issues as 
separate -- what I do know is that keyword indexing of mail (as in 
most of the articles mentioned in the list recently) has been a 
failure in practice for large mail sets -- problem is if one uses a 
static mail set, then the indexing techniques work okay, but since 
you mail is dynamically increasing, and your interests changing, one 
needs something more incremental and more content-based -- I can 
already search my mail archives by keyword, it just doesn't usually 
work real well...
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