Business Opportunity

Hey there,

This could be your most rewarding letter ever!

How would you like to earn an excellent income and have the free time to enjoy it?

Have you ever wondered where you would be now if you were one of the original group with
McDonalds or with Microsoft?  You would be very wealthy.  We have a similar situation to
offer you.

Consider this..

*16 year International Company
*Traded on the NASDAQ
*HUGE Compensation Plan
   *House Bonus
   *Car Bonus
   *Residual Income
*Online Marketing Tools
*Phenomenal Support Systems
*In 20 countries


Japan is the number one networking country in the world.  It was worth over 40 billion last year
alone, almost twice as much as the United States!

You can get positioned in front of tens of thousands of people who are already lined up and
ready to join!

To be eligible for this influx, each person must personally sponsor 8 people.  This will position you for the
tremendous spill-over that is about to take place.  We Have All The Tools/System And Support/Help.

I am looking for people who INSIST upon becoming FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

I'm now working with people all across the U.S. on a system designed to create FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE!

I can help just EIGHT MORE PEOPLE!

These are the criteria:
   *You must have a burning desire to be financially independent
   *You must work with a team that'll help you make more money than you can spend!
   *You must be teachable, learn our proven success system and grow.

If you meet these three key criteria,  CALL ME NOW!

Stuart Nibbelin
800-820-6354 ext 197285 (please leave your name and phone number)

Received on Wednesday, 8 November 2000 01:39:29 UTC