DAML Ontology Repository

One of the challenges of the semantic web vision is how people will 
be able to deal with many ontologies, separately developed, and often 
overlapping.  To make it possible for you all to explore this 
challenge, we have opened an ontology repository at 
http://www.daml.org/ontologies/ and stocked it with a bunch of 
ontologies written by different people (those funded by DARPA to do 
this project).  We also invite anyone who wants to contribute their 
ontologies to this project to do so -- just use the submission link 
on the page -- the more the merrier.
  The DAML project doesn't endorse the content of any of these, but we 
sure endorse the creation of as many as possible :->
  Look forward to seeing what the world can do with these
-Jim H.

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