Checking in with request for feedback - VCLA of TU Wien - Vienna - Austria

Dear colleague,

We are in doubt, if we should keep informing you about five (5) times per year about:

i) Call for (Self-)Nominations for the Annually awarded VCLA International Awards for Outstanding Bachelor and Master Theses in the field of Computer Science:

ii) Fully funded PhD vacancies in the doctoral program Logical Methods in Computer Science - LogiCS funded by the Austrian Science Fund and run jointly by TU Wien, TU Graz and JKU Linz, Austria:

iii) Call for ACM SIGLOG/VCLA Travel Awards and Call for Contributions for the Women in Logic Workshop series:

iv) Possible call for Post-Doc or PhD in the fields such as Automated Software Verification, Description Logics, Epistemic logic in distributed computing, Explainable AI, Fixed-Parameter Algorithms and Complexity, Formal Verification of hybrid systems, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Model Checking, Modeling and analysis of digital integrated circuits, Normative Reasoning, Ontology-based Data Access, Security and Privacy, Scheduling and logic programming, Study of the Interaction between rules from a knowledge base and rules arising from machine learning, Topology in distributed computing, Quantified Boolean Formulas

v) Helmut Veith Stipend for Female Masterīs Students in Computer Science.

Perhaps you could respond to this email with a simple sign that you would like to heart from us, the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms, located at the Faculty of Informatics, of the Vienna University of Technology (Technische Universitat Wien)?

Simple OK would suffice. If we do not hear from you, you will not be hearing from us.

If you think this information would be interesting for your colleagues - well we would be most excited to hear that you have shared it further!

Stay safe,

Mihaela, and the team from Vienna


Social media: @vclaTUwien

Received on Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:41:40 UTC