CFP - Special Issue on Mobile Cloud from International Journal on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE)(SCI Indexed) - Paper Submission Deadline - January 15, 2014

Call for Papers from The International Journal on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE)(SCI Indexed)

A Focused Topic Issue on
“Engineering for Mobile Clouds and Services”

1.   Focused Theme
The advance of cloud computing and mobile computing brings a new paradigm 
shift from conventional mobile computing services to mobile cloud computing
services for mobile users over the Internet and wireless networks. 

Many people believe that Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) will not only
completely change the current way of delivering mobile computing and
communication services to global mobile users, but also alter their working 
and life styles with seamless global mobile resource sharing and accesses.

In current mobile computing and wireless services, mobile users commonly 
use mobile devices with limited computing power and resources to receive regional wireless communication services and limited data services. 

Unlike mobile computing, MCC leverages emergent cloud infrastructures, 
mobile networking and mobile device resources to deliver innovative and 
diverse services to mobile users and businesses at anytime and anywhere; 
including mobile cloud infrastructures, platforms, and software-as-as-services. 
Mobile cloud service systems take advantage of existing cloud infrastructures 
and services to allow mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) to 
overcome the limited computing power and resources on mobile devices. 

There are many different types of useful applications that can be deployed on 
a MCC platform such as mobile commerce, mobile learning, mobile 
healthcare, and mobile computing. There are also many fundamental issues 
to be resolved in developing mobile clouds, applications and services. 
for example, how to effectively increase the performance of hardware-limited 
mobile devices using cloud computing, and how to address the major concerns
about cloud services for mobile devices, such as data privacy, data ownership,
service reliability, and service security. 

To develop high-quality MCC software, software engineering and knowledge 

engineering methodologies and techniques must be critical in developing 

mobile clouds and services to develop elastic mobile cloud infrastructures, 

platforms, and services.

This focused topic issue for the International Journal of Software Engineering 

and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE) focus on engineering issues and 
solutions in building high-quality mobile cloud computing infrastructures, 
platforms, and services. It provides an outlet for researchers and industry 
practitioners to present innovative ideas, practical solutions and methods, 
and software technologies and tools relating to mobile cloud computing and services.

2. The Focused Topics

This focused topic issue seeks unpublished original papers, which proposes
novel ideas, methods, solutions, and enabling technologies in engineering 
high-quality mobile cloud software, application systems, and tools. 

We invite original papers from both academia and industry on, but not limited
to, the following topics:
- Mobile cloud computing models, infrastructures, architectures, and frameworks
- Formal methods and engineering methodologies for mobile clouds and services
- Green computing and energy saving solutions in mobile clouds and services
- Network communication protocols and connectivity in mobile clouds
- Mobile Data as a Services (MDaaS)
- Mobile Software as a Services (MSaaS)
- Mobile Platform-as-a-Service (MPaaS)
- Mobile Infrastructure-as-a-Service (MIaaS)
- Mobile cloud data security techniques and privacy solutions 
- Quality validation techniques and QoS services in mobile computing and cloud computing
- Mobile cloud applications and enterprise systems
- Engineering tools and maintenance in building mobile cloud applications and services
- Modeling and simulations of mobile cloud computing applications
- Service composition, adoption, customization, and configuration for mobile clouds
- Knowledge engineering and data mining and tools in mobile clouds
- Ontologies and methodologies for mobile cloud computing and services
- Experience reports, case studies and evaluation experiments

3. Important Dates
* Paper submission due date:  January 15, 2014
* Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2014
* Camera-ready copy: March, 2014
* Expected publication: June 2014

4. Paper Submission
Papers should be prepared following the guidelines posted at the IJSEKE 
web site( 
The authors must submit their original papers to IJSEKE website, specify 
paper type as special issue, and then select this special issue from a 
pull-down menu.  Additionally, each paper is limited to 25 double-spaced pages in 11 pt font size.  For more information, please contact the guest editors.

5. Paper Review and Publication
All submitted papers will be reviewed by the selected researchers and experts 
in the research field committee. Each paper will be reviewed at least by 
three reviewers based on the review process of the International Journal of 
Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering. The accepted papers will be published in IJSEKE in a journal focused topic issue on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering for Mobile Cloud Computing and Services in 2013.

6. Guest Editors
Jerry Gao (, San Jose State University, USA
Haiping Xu (, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Yan Bai (, University of Washington Tacoma, USA
George Roussos (, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Received on Tuesday, 31 December 2013 04:15:27 UTC