ECAL'13 Paper & Abstract Submission Deadline Extended - Friday May 10

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ECAL'13 Paper & Abstract Submission Deadline Extended - *Friday May 10*

ECAL 2013, European Conference on Artificial Life,
an International Conference on the Designing, Programming, Evolving,
Simulation and Synthesis of Natural and Artificial Living Systems

2-6 September 2013, Taormina, Italy -

*Paper/Abstract Submission: May 10, 2013*
Proceedings by MIT Press.
Best Papers in Artificial Life Journal (confirmed).

* 17 Tracks

ECAL Manuscripts - General Track
Track on Adaptive Hardware & Systems and Bioelectronics
Track on Adaptive Living Material Technologies and Biomimetic Microsystems
Track on Artificial Immune, Neural and Endocrine Systems
Track on Artificial Organs and Tissues & Organ-on-a-Chip
Track on Astrobiology
Track on Bioinspired Learning and Optimization
Track on Bioinspired Robotics
Track on Biologically Inspired Engineering
Track on Evolvable Hardware, Evolutionary Electronics & BioChips
Track on Foundations of Complex Systems and Biological Complexity
Track on Immunoinformatics, Systems and Synthetic Immunology
Track on Music and the Origins and Evolution of Language
Track on Mathematical Models for Life Sciences
Track on Programmable Nanomaterials
Track on Synthetic and Systems Biochemistry and Biological Control
Track on The Sciences of the Artificial for Economics, Finance and  
Market Design

* 8 Plenary Speakers

Roberto Cingolani, IIT, Italy

Roberto Cipolla, University of Cambridge, UK

Dario Floreano, EPFL, Swiss

Martin Hanczyc, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Henrik Hautop, Lund, Denmark

Didier Keymeulen, Caltech, USA

Steve Oliver - University of Cambridge, UK

Rolf Pfeifer, ETH, Swiss

* 12 Workshops

A TRUCE workshop on Unconventional Computing in 2070

Artificial Life Based Models of Higher Cognition

Artificial Consciousness

Artificial Life in Massive Data Flow

Collective and Swarm Robotics

Evolution and Development of Networks, from Systems Biology to  
Computational Neuroscience

2nd International Workshop on the Evolution of Physical Systems

ERLARS 2013 - 6th International Workshop on Evolutionary and  
Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Robot Systems

Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems

HSB - 2nd International Workshop on Hybrid Systems and Biology

Protocells: Back to the Future

What Synthetic Biology can offer to Artificial Intelligence?  
Perspectives in the Bio-Chem-ICT and other scenarios

* 5 Tutorials

Cell Pathway Design for Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology

Exploring Prebiotic Chemistry Spaces

Designing Adaptive Humanoid Robots Through the FARSA Open-Source Framework

New Generation Sequencing Data Production, Analysis, and Archiving

PyCX: A Python-Based Simulation Code Repository for Complex Systems Education

We look forward to seeing you in Sicily!


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