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Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.2

From: Technical Support <technical.support@openlinksw.com>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 00:30:54 +0100
Message-Id: <5CC099CC-5CC6-49C0-96BA-5A780190BD13@openlinksw.com>
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org

OpenLink Software is pleased to announce the official release of 
Virtuoso Open-Source Edition, Version 6.1.2:

New product features as of July 09, 2010, V6.1.2, include:
* Database engine
    - Added FOAF+SSL based authentication for ODBC, JDBC, OLEDB, and  
      ADO.NET client connections
    - Added support for following http redirects automatically
    - Added extra graph delta-engine functions with regards to diff, 
      iteration over dictionary, and obtaining the biggest possible 
      iri_id on given 32-/64-bit platform
    - Added initial support for Python Runtime hosting via 
    - Added client- and server-side Semantic Pingback APIs
    - Added ODBC setting WideasUTF16 to return UTF-16LE for SQLWCHAR
    - Fixed ODBC setting for UTF-8 when DB keeps UTF-8 in VARCHARs
    - Fixed ODBC SQLAllocStmt issues exposed when using QtSQL's 
      ODBC layer
    - Fixed HTTP, SOAP, XML-RPC when used with proxies and 
    - Fixed Conductor UI for handling FOAF+SSL WebIDs for ODBC/SQL 
      session logins
    - Fixed handling of column default value of 0
    - Fixed support for BIGINT in parameter marshalling
    - Fixed issue with default maxmempoolsize
    - Fixed issue with extent map and free pages map
    - Fixed memory leaks
    - Fixed issue with freelist chain 
    - Fixed issue with partitioned TOP ORDER BY
    - Updated documentation

  * SPARQL and RDF
    - Added Sponger cartridges for CSV, Etsy.com, FaceBook, OpenGraph, 
      Idiomag, Tumbler, Vimeo, Wine.com, Upstream.tv, and others
    - Added more assertions to facets ontology
    - Added rdfs:label to default IFP based inference Rule
    - Added support for extra encodings
    - Added initial support for OData's Atom and JSON feed formats 
      with regards to Linked Data Graph Serialization
    - Added support for gz and zip compressed CSV
    - Added CSV parser strict mode option
    - Added CSV parser lax mode
    - Added optimization for large descriptions on about page 
    - Fixed EAV and SPO labeling modes consistency 
    - Fixed add escape to CR/LF in JSON format
    - Fixed OData, Tesco.com, and HTML5 MicroData cartridges
    - Fixed generation of unique graphs lists
    - Fixed use label ontology inference rules for automating 
      extraction OF geo coordinates
    - Fixed SPARQL handling of DISTINCT
    - Fixed SPARQL UNION selections
    - Fixed SPARQL statement with implicit GROUP BY; do not remove
      ORDER BY
    - Fixed RDFa parsing of @rel and @rev
    - Fixed abnormally long RDFa parsing of document with i18n URIs
    - Fixed support for subproperties of Inverse Functional Properties 
    - Fixed support for loading inference rules from multiple ontology 
    - Fixed GPF in SPARUL INSERT optimization
    - Fixed issue with extra NULLs in HASH JOIN or GROUP BY
    - Enhanced iSPARQL using new internal RDF store for speed, browser
      fixes, and cosmetic changes

  * Native Providers for Jena, Sesame 2, and Sesame 3 
    - Added support for creating ruleset
    - Added support for inference graph
    - Added support for inference and query execution
    - Added support for query engine interface, so Jena provider now 
      supports the following query execution modes:
       a) parse and execute query via ARQ
       b) parse query via ARQ and execute query directly via Virtuoso
          (new mode)
       c) parse and execute query directly via Virtuoso
    - Added support for using Virtuosodatasource
    - Fixed issue with batch commit
    - Fixed Jena's lazy initialization when graph is created
    - Fixed handling of quote chars in literals
    - Fixed issues with variable binding
    - Fixed small bugs

  * ODS Applications
    - Added OpenID 2.0 login and registration
    - Added FOAF+SSL registration for users pages (JSP, PHP, 
      VSP, etc.)
    - Added FOAF+SSL based ACLs for shared resources 
    - Added GoodRelations based Offers as part of Profile Manager
    - Added support for associating multiple X.509 certificates with 
      a single WebID
    - Added photo and audio upload for JavaScript, VSP, PHP, and 
      JSP pages
    - Added Relationship Ontology enhancements to Profile Manager
    - Added Client and Server support for PubSubHubbub protocol
    - Fixed OpenID + WebID hybrid protocol handling; reverts back to 
      using the same URL for both OpenID- and FOAF-based Profile Page
    - Fixed handing of multiple items in Alternate Subject Name slot 
      of X.509 certificate for WebID Protocol
    - Fixed GoodsRelations integration with SIOC-based Data Spaces 
      as part of richer Profile Data construction
    - Fixed VTIMEZONE component in iCalendar data representation
    - Fixed Profile Manager UI associated with GoodRelations Offers
    - Fixed Profile Manager UI associated with identification of
      FavoriteThings .

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Best Regards
Product Support
OpenLink Software
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