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Call for book chapters: Data Mining and Multiagent Integration, Springer, 2009

From: Longbing Cao <lbcao@it.uts.edu.au>
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 18:25:57 +1000 (EST)
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On an Edited Book to Be Published by Springer in 2009

Data Mining and Multiagent Integration

Editor: Longbing Cao

Chapter Proposal Submission Deadline:            November 1, 2008

Proposal Acceptance Due Date:                         November 10, 2008

Full Chapter Submission Deadline:                     December 15, 2008

Planned Publishing Date:                                     July 2009


In the last decade, data mining and multiagent systems have emerged as two
of the most vigorous areas in information technology. The nature and
complementarity of both areas foreshows an emerging trend—the increasing
interaction and integration between multiagents and data mining. A
symbiotic relationship could significantly strengthen each side’s progress
and trigger new R&D challenges and prospects toward the advancement of
next-generation intelligent technologies and systems and many other
potential aspects.

Book Aims

This edited book aspires to report high quality work on the interaction
and integration between data mining and multiagents toward mutual
enhancement and superintelligent techniques and synergism. It encourages
both theoretical and workable applications synergizing both areas to share
R&D results and discuss existing and emerging theoretical and applied
problems in the interaction and evolution of agents and data mining.

Scopes of Interest (not limited to):

           Challenges and prospects of agents and data mining integration

           Methodologies for agents and data mining interaction and

           Multiagent-based KDD infrastructure

           Multiagent-enriched data mining process and management

           Multiagent-enriched data mining methods

           Multiagent-enriched distributed and multiple source data mining

           Automated and agent-human-cooperated data mining learning

           Data-mining-driven agent coordination, adaptation and evolution

           Data-mining-driven multiagent communication, planning and

           Data-mining-driven user modelling and servicing

           Data-mining-driven multiagent learning

           Involving user preferences and human intelligence through
agent-mining interaction

           Involving domain knowledge and intelligence through
agent-mining interaction

           Involving network intelligence in agent-mining interaction

           Involving organizational and social intelligence in
agent-mining interaction

           Meta-synthesis of computing intelligence in agent-mining

           Performance framework for agent-mining symbiont

           Interestingness metrics for agent miners

           Performance metrics for data-mining-driven agent intelligence
and behavior

           Typical engineering and industry applications

           Trends of agents and data mining interaction and integration


Two-stage submission: First, interested researchers and practitioners are
invited to submit a chapter proposal clearly stating your focused problems
and contributions related to one of the above topics due on November 1,
2008; Second, authors of accepted proposals will be notified by November
10, 2008 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter
organizational guidelines. Full chapters are due by December 15, 2008. All
submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind review basis. The
book is scheduled to be published in July 2009 by Springer. Detailed
manuscript instructions are available from Springer Book Author
Guidelines, only Latex format is acceptable.

Chapter proposal guideline: The proposal is expected to be 1-2 pages in
..doc or .pdf format, composed of title, authors (name, affiliation, phone
number, and e-mail address), extended abstract (background, related work,
principal contributions, and so on), table of content, and contact.


Enquiries and submissions can be forwarded to

Longbing Cao (longbing.cao-1@uts.edu.au, www.agentmining.org)

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