1st. Call for Participation: DisCoTec'08(Coordination+ Dais + Fmoods). Oslo, Norway, 4.-6. June 2008

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                  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                      DisCoTec 08

  The federated conferences on

           Distributed Computing Techniques

      - Fmoods'08
      - DAIS'08


  Oslo, Norway, 4.-6. June  2008
       (plus 1 day pre-conference and 1 day post-conference workshops)

DisCoTec 2008 (Distributed Computing Techniques) has opened its gate for
registration.  Early registration lasts until 1. May, 2008. The theme of
DisCoTec is technologies supporting modeling, development and 
maintenance of distributed network-based systems and applications.

    o Accepted papers: see below or consult the web-site.

    o important dates:

        - early registration deadline: 1. May

        Registration fees:
                                  early      late

           regular participant:   3200 NOK      3800 NOK
           student registration:  2200 NOK      2800 NOK

        (NOK = Norwegian crowns. 3200NOK corresponds approximately
                  to 400 Euro or 625US$)

    o for

        - further registration details

        - travel information and information about Oslo,

        - hotel recommendations

       see the webpage



   o Conferences:

    -  Coordination'08: 10th International Conference on Coordination
          Models and Languages

    -  DAIS'08: Eighth  IFIP International Conference on Distributed
          Applications and Interoperable Systems

    - FMOODS'08: 10th IFIP International Conference on Formal Methods for
         Open Object-based Distributed Systems

   o  Workshops: 4 satellite workshops  are scheduled

         - CAMPUS'08:   Workshop on Context-aware Adaptation Mechanisms for
                        Pervasive and Ubiquitous Services

                          organizers: Mauro Caporuscio, Romain Rouvoy, and
                                      Michael Wagner
                          date:       3.June 2008

         - MAI'08:      Workshop on Middleware-Application Interaction
                          organizers: Hans P. Reiser, Rudiger Kapitza
                          date:       3.June 2008

         - MTCoord'08:  Workshop on Methods and Tools for Coordinating
                        Concurrent Distributed and Mobile Systems

                          organizers: Carolyn Talcott, Isabelle Linden
                          date:       7.June 2008

         - PLACES'08    Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to
                        Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software

                          organizers:  Alistair Beresford, Simon Gay,
                                       Kohei Honda, Alan Mycroft,
                                       Vasco T. Vasconcelos, Nobuko Yoshida
                          date:       7.June 2008

  o Invited speakers for the joint event:

        - Matt Welch, Matt Welsh, Harvard University, USA
             Fiji: A Platform for Data-Intensive Sensor Network

         - Alexander L. Wolf, Imperial College London, UK
             New Uses of Simulation in Distributed System Engineering

         - Andrew Myers, Cornell University
              Guiding distributed systems synthesis with language-based
              security policies


Accepted papers:

o Coordination (http://discotec08.ifi.uio.no/Coordination08/Program)

- Timed Soft Concurrent Constraint Programs
   Francesco Santini, Stefano Bistarelli, Maurizio Gabbrielli and Maria
Chiara Meo

- How to infer finite session types in a calculus of services and sessions
    Leonardo Gaetano Mezzina

- Advice for Coordination
    Chris Hankin, Fleming Nielson, Hanne Riis Nielson and Fan Yang

-  A formal account of WS-BPEL
     Alessandro Lapadula, Rosario Pugliese and Francesco Tiezzi

- Implementing Session Centered Calculi with IMC
    Lorenzo Bettini, Rocco De Nicola and Michele Loreti

- Formalizing Higher-order Mobile Embedded Business Processes with Binding
    Mikkel Bundgaard, Arne Glenstrup, Thomas Hildebrandt, Espen Højsgaard
and Henning Niss

- Actors with Multi-Headed Message Receive Patterns
    Martin Sulzmann, Edmund Lam and Peter Van Weert

- A compositional trace semantics for Orc
     Dimitrios Vardoulakis and Mitchell Wand

- Service Combinators for Farming Virtual Machines
     Karthikeyan Bhargavan, Andy Gordon and Iman Narasamdya

- A coordination model for service-oriented interactions
    João Abreu and José Luiz Fiadeiro

- Encrypted Shared Data Spaces
    Giovanni Russello, Changyu Dong, Naranker Dulay, Michel Chaudron and
Maarten Van Steen

- An event-based coordination model for context-aware applications
    Angel Nuñez and Jacques Noyé

- Session Behaviour Types for Orchestration Charts
     Alessandro Fantechi and Elie Najm

- CiAN: A Workflow Engine for MANETs
    Rohan Sen, Catalin Roman and Christopher Gill

- A Process Calculus for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    Anu Singh, C. R. Ramakrishnan and Scott A. Smolka

- Multiparty sessions in SOC
    Roberto Bruni, Ivan Lanese, Hernan Melgratti and Emilio Tuosto

- Implementing Joins using Extensible Pattern Matching
    Philipp Haller and Tom Van Cutsem

- Modeling and Analysis of Reo Connectors Using Alloy
    Ramtin Khosravi, Marjan Sirjani, Nesa Asoudeh, Shaghayegh Sahebi and
Hamed Iravanchi Zadeh

- Alternating-Time Model Checking for Exogenous Coordination
    Sascha Klueppelholz and Christel Baier

- From Flow Logic to Static Type Systems for Coordination Languages
    Rocco De Nicola, Daniele Gorla, Rene Rydhof Hansen, Fleming Nielson,
    Hanne Riis Nielson,  Christian W. Probst and Rosario Pugliese

-  Formal analysis of BPMN via a translation into COWS
    Davide Prandi, Paola Quaglia and Nicola Zannone

o DAIS: (http://discotec08.ifi.uio.no/DAIS08/Program)

- Virtual Overlays: An Approach to the Management of Competing or
Collaborating Overlay Structures
    Paul Okanda, Sebastian Steinhauer and Gordon Blair

- Adaptive and Fault-tolerant Service Composition in Peer-to-Peer Systems
    Vivian Prinz, Florian Fuchs, Peter Ruppel, Christoph Gerdes and Alan

- Implementing data distribution variant with a metamodel, some models and a
    Eveline Kaboré and Antoine Beugnard

- Tree-based Analysis of Mesh Overlays for Peer-to-Peer Streaming
    Bartosz Biskupski, Marc Schiely, Pascal Felber and René Meier

- Towards Middleware for Fault-tolerance in Distributed Real-time and
Embedded Systems
    Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, Aniruddha Gokhale, Douglas Schmidt and Nanbor

- Decentralised QoS-Management in Service-oriented Architectures
    Markus Schmid and Reinhold Kröger

- An Model Driven Approach for Developing Adaptive Software Systems
    Thomas Hamann, Gerald Hübsch and Thomas Springer

- Describing component collaboration using goal sequences
    Cyril Carrez, Jacqueline Floch and Richard Sanders

- Cost Efficient Deployment of Collaborating Components
    Mate J. Csorba, Poul E. Heegard and Peter Herrmann

- iSOAMM: An independent SOA Maturity Model
    Christoph Rathfelder and Henning Groenda

- Model-based Performance Instrumentation of Distributed Applications
    Jan Schaefer, Jeanne Stynes and Reinhold Kröger

- AWSM: Adaptive Web Service Migration
    Holger Schmidt, Rüdiger Kapitza, Hans P. Reiser and Franz J. Hauck

- Using Object Replication for Building a Dependable Version Control System
    Rüdiger Kapitza, Peter Baumann and Hans P. Reiser

- STUNT enhanced Java RMI
    Oliver Haase, Wolfgang Reiser and Jürgen Wäsch

- Recovery Mechanisms for Semantic Web Services
    Kevin Wiesner, Roman Vaculín, Martin Kollingbaum and Katia Sycara

- Dynamic Adaptability for Smart Environments
    Daniel Retkowitz and Mark Stegelmann

- Facilitating Gossip Programming with the GossipKit Framework
    Shen Lin, Francois Taiani and Gordon Blair

- Brokering planning metadata in a P2P environment
    Johannes Oudenstad, Romain Rouvoy, Frank Eliassen and Eli Gjørven

- A Comprehensive Context Modeling Framework for Pervasive Computing Systems
    Michael Wagner, Roland Reichle, Mohammad Ullah Khan, Kurt Geihs,
    Jorge Lorenzo, Massimo Valla, Cristina Fra, Nearchos Paspallis and
George Papadopoulos

- Managing Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming Applications
    Raymond Cunningham, Bartosz Biskupski and René Meier

- Towards More Business-Oriented and Durable Planning of Composite Services
Based on Quality of Services
    Koramit Pichanaharee and Twittie Senivongse

- A Multi-Stage Approach For Reliable Dynamic Reconfigurations of
Component-Based Systems
    Pierre-Charles David, Marc Léger, Hervé Grall, Thomas Ledoux and Thierry

- Facilitating Complex Web Service Interactions Through a Tuplespace Binding
    Daniel Wutke and Daniel Martin

- Rapid Prototyping of Routing Protocols with Evolving Tuples
    Drew Stovall and Christine Julien

- MobiSoft: Networked Personal Assistants for Mobile Users in Everyday Life
    Christian Erfurth, Steffen Kern, Wilhelm Rossak, Peter Braun and Antje

o Fmoods (http://discotec08.ifi.uio.no/FMOODS08/Program)

- A Minimal Set of Refactoring Rules for Object-Z
    Tim McComb and Graeme Smith

- Termination Analysis of Java Bytecode
    Elvira Albert, Puri Arenas, Michael Codish, Samir Genaim, German Puebla
and Damiano Zanardini

- Redesign of the LMST Wireless Sensor Protocol through Formal Modeling and
Statistical Model Checking
    Michael Katelman, Jose Meseguer and Jennifer Hou

- Sessions and Pipelines for Structured Service Programming
    Michele Boreale, Roberto Bruni, Rocco De Nicola and Michele Loreti

- Mechanising a correctness proof for a lock-free concurrent stack
    John Derrick, Gerhard Schellhorn and Heike Wehrheim

- Modular Preservation of Safety Properties by Cookie-Based DoS-Protection
    Rohit Chadha, Carl Gunter, Jose Meseguer, Ravinder Shankesi and Mahesh

- Behavioural theory at work: program transformations in a service-centred
    Luís Cruz Filipe, Ivan Lanese, Francisco Martins, Antonio Ravara and
Vasco T. Vasconcelos

- Semantic foundations and inference of non-null annotations
    Laurent Hubert, Thomas Jensen and David Pichardie

- Symbolic Step Encodings for Object Based Communicating State Machines
    Jori Dubrovin, Tommi Junttila and Keijo Heljanko

- CoBoxes: Unifying Active Objects and Structured Heaps
    Jan Schäfer and Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter

- A Caller-Side Inline Reference Monitor for an Object-Oriented Intermediate
    Dries Vanoverberghe and Frank Piessens

- Formal Modeling of a Generic Middleware to Ensure Invariant Properties
    Xavier Renault, Jérôme Hugues and Fabrice Kordon

- VeriCool: An Automatic Verifier for a Concurrent Object-Oriented Language
    Jan Smans, Bart Jacobs and Frank Piessens

- Modelling and Model Checking Software Product Lines
    Alexander Gruler, Martin Leucker and Kathrin Scheidemann
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