CFP: WebKDD 2008 - Web Mining and Web Usage Analysis

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             WEBKDD'08 - 10 Years of Knowledge Discovery on the Web
                            August 24, 2008
                            CALL FOR PAPERS
             At the 14th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on
               Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2008)  
                August 24-27, 2008, Las Vegas, USA 
   Important dates
   o May 16, 2008:    Submission of full papers
   o June 13, 2008:   Author notification
   o June 20, 2008:   Submission of Camera-ready papers (hard
   o August 24, 2008: Workshop at ACM SIGKDD, Las Vegas, USA

The Web presents a key driving force for a large spectrum of
applications in which a user interacts with a company, a governmental
authority, a non-governmental organization or other non-profit
institution or other users. User preferences and expectations,
together with usage  patterns, form the basis for personalized,
user-friendly and optimal services. Key metrics enabled by proper data
capture and processing are essential to run an effective business or 
service. Enabling technologies include data mining, scalable
warehousing and preprocessing, sequence discovery, real time
processing, document classification, user modeling and quality 
evaluation models for them. Recipient technologies that demand for
user profiling and usage patterns include recommendation systems, Web
analytics applications, application servers 
coupled with content management systems and fraud detectors. 

Research advances associated with knowledge discovery on the Web
observe the Web as a social medium for exchange and cooperation, as a
semantic network where people find information and 
contribute information (by means of documents, annotations and
comments) and as a place for doing business, launching business and
promoting business.  

WEBKDD 2008 will bring together researchers and practitioners on these
aspects of the Web. The emphasis is on lessons learned, recent
advances and open issues for the next decade. 

WEBKDD 2008 will be the 10th anniversary workshop on knowledge
discovery on the Web, taking place at the KDD since 1999. WebKDD
presentations have historically been of high quality and 
influence, and workshops have in the past attracted not only audience
from academia, but also a significant audience from industry and
government agencies. Altogether, the papers at the past WEBKDD
workshops have accumulated about 940 citations, including 
7 patent citations that cite the workshop as the premier reference on
the topic of Web usage analysis. (The citations are from Google
Scholar, accessed between Feb. 10 and Feb. 12, 2008.)

In WEBKDD 2008, we anticipate a wrap-up and lessons-learned from 10
years of research on mining the Web, the Semantic Web(s) and the
social Web and a research agenda for the years to come. 

Workshop Topics    

The WEBKDD 2008 workshop will invite contributions on mining of all
aspects of users' activities
in the Web, in particular: 

- Mining server log (clickstream) data 
- Web analytics
- Web content and structure mining
- Modeling users and their interaction with the Web
- Mining query log data and web search result mining
- Mining users' activities in social venues, ranging from chat fora
  with emphasis on interaction, to recommendation networks with
  emphasis on spread of influence  
- Mining users' activities in venues that foster the capturing of data
  semantics, e.g. for  building the Semantic Web or for the building
  of folksonomies  
- web community mining and social network analysis
- Enabling technologies for Web mining, including technologies for Web
  warehousing, data preparation, management of multi-relational data
  and streams, visualization, and evaluation
- Application areas, including recommendation engines, Web
  communities, Web marketplaces, Web  search, Web security and misuse
  and abuse of the Web and its services.

Paper Submission
All submissions must be made electronically following the submission
information on the Workshop Web site:
Please use the prescribed formatting guidelines of Springer LNCS
which can be found at:

Papers should be no longer than 12 pages (or 5,000 words) inclusive of
all references and figures. All papers must be submitted in either PDF
(preferred) or postscript. Please ensure that any special fonts used
are included in the submitted documents. All papers must be original,
and have not been published elsewhere. Exceptionally, paper submitted
to KDD 2008 can also be submitted to WebKDD2008 but must be withdrawn
if accepted at KDD 2008.

The workshop proceedings will be published in the Springer-Verlag
Note Series (LNCS) with the title "Advances in Web Mining and Web
Usage Analysis" (under negotiation). It will be distributed during the

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit an extended
version of their papers to the Journal "Data Mining and Knowledge
Discovery" for a special issue that serve as a wrap up of the most
recent developments in Web Mining (under negotiation). 
   Organizing Committee of WebKDD'08:
   Bamshad Mobasher,   DePaul University, USA
   Olfa Nasraoui,      University of Louisville, USA
   Myra Spiliopoulou,  Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany
   Jaideep Srivastava, University of Minnesota, USA
   Osmar R. Zaiane,    University of Alberta, Canada
   Program Committee of WebKDD'08:
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Osmar R. ZAIANE, Ph.D.              | office: ATH 352 (Athabasca Hall)
Associate Professor  (Prof. Agrege) | e-mail:
Department of Computing Science     | phone : 1-780 492 2860 
University of Alberta               | fax   : 1-780 492 1071 
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E8 Canada   | 
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