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To be held as part of 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2008)
         26-30 October 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany

The Semantic Web has emerged from the laboratory into the business
environment.  A number of companies already market products that are
based on semantic web technology; others are developing new solutions
based on semantic technologies.  These solutions, ranging from search
to data integration to Web service communication enabled by the
application of semantic technologies, are expected to lead to improved
business processes, savings in cost and time and heightened efficiency
and competitiveness.

General Information
The Semantic Web In-Use Track is a forum dedicated to these
experiences, where the participants discuss the benefits of applying
semantic technology in industry as well as the problems that are
encountered, with the objective of reaching an interested industrial
audience.  For this purpose, the Semantic Web In-Use Track solicits
the submission of original, principled papers on the following topics:

* Applications of semantic technology to solve business problems and
  benefit business processes.
* Tools to ease the deployment of such applications within company IT
* Business cases and problems in industry, government, science and
  society for which semantic technology could provide a solution.

Papers describing applications of semantic technologies should address
some or all of the following problems.

* A good clear description of an implemented application of semantic
  technology.  Applications are welcome in any area - industry,
  government, science or society.
* An assessment of the pros and cons of using semantic technology to
  solve a particular business problem.  Are extensions beyond the
  existing standards necessary?  What advantages does a semantic
  approach have over traditional approaches to the application?
* An assessment of the costs - e.g. time and cost of implementation,
  ease of deployment, integration with legacy IT systems - and benefits
  of this application - e.g. a user study, a return-on-investment
  analysis, demonstration of new results, demonstration of user
* Evidence and assessment of deployment and use of the application.

Papers describing tools should describe the contribution of their
tools by highlighting some or all of the following aspects.

* A good clear description of an implemented toolset to support the
  deployment of semantic technology in business.
* A demonstration that the toolset offers functionality that addresses
  crucial problems encountered by applying semantic web technology.
* An assessment of the benefits of the toolset to the user community.
* Evidence and assessment of the toolset being used in the industrial
  deployment of semantic technologies.

Papers describing business cases should present interesting and
challenging use cases.

* Analyse the problem and argue for the appropriateness of semantic
  technology, and provide an outline of possible solutions.
* Highlight competing approaches using conventional technology and
  describe where semantic technology provides a crucial advantage.
* Provide evidence that Semantic technology can address the problem
  identified providing a superior solution than existing technologies

Important Dates
* May 16, 2008 (11:59 pm Hawaii time):  paper submissions
* July 11, 2008:  paper acceptance notification
* August 15, 2008:  camera-ready papers due
* October 26-30, 2008:  ISWC 2008 Technical Program
Submission Information
Paper submissions must be formatted in the style of the Springer
Publications format for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).  For
complete details, see Springer's Author Instructions.  Submit papers
at the Conference Submission Page.

Papers must be submitted in PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format)
format.  Papers will not be accepted in any other format.  Formatted
papers must be no longer than 14 pages.  Papers that exceed this limit
will be rejected without review.  ISWC2008 will not accept papers
that, at the time of submission, are under review for or have already
been published in or accepted for publication in a journal or another
conference.  Authors of accepted papers will be required to provide
semantic annotations for the abstract of their submission for the
Semantic Web (help will be provided for this task).  Details will be
provided on the conference Web page at the time of acceptance.

Semantic Web In Use Track Co-Chairs

  Mike Dean, BBN, USA
  Massimo Paolucci, DoCoMo, Germany

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