ADMA 2007 Call for Papers - (Feb 26, 2007)

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The Third International Conference on
Advanced Data Mining and Applications

Harbin, China, 6-8 Aug., 2007

A growing attention has been paid to the study, development and
application of data mining. As a result there is an urgent need for
sophisticated techniques and tools that can handle new fields of data
mining, e.g. spatial data mining in the context of spatial-temporal
characteristics, streaming data mining, and biomedical data
mining. The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and
Applications (ADMA2007) aims at bringing together international
experts on data mining, and provides a leading international forum for
the dissemination of original research results in data mining,
spanning applications, algorithms, software and systems, in different
applied disciplines with potential in data mining.  

We solicit papers in English not concurrently submitted to other
venues and with unpublished contributions in the data mining fields.  
The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer Verlag
in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS). 

Important Dates
Paper Submission Deadline: February 26, 2007
Acceptance Notification: May 6, 2007
Camera-Ready Copy: May 27, 2007

The program committee of ADMA 2007 is seeking papers related to topics  including but is not limited to:

Advanced Data Mining
-Grand challenges of data mining
-Mining on data streams
-Spatial data mining
-Web mining
-High performance data mining algorithms
-Data-mining-ready structures and pre-processing
-Data mining visualization
-Information hiding in data mining
-Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms
-Graph and subgraph mining
-Text video, multimedia data mining
-Correlation mining
-Bench marking and evaluations
-Interactive data mining
-Security and privacy issues
-Competitive analysis of mining algorithms

-Database administration, indexing, performance tuning
-DNA Sequencing, Bioinformatics, Genomics, and biometrics
-Medical informatics
-Disaster prediction
-Financial market analysis
-Grid Computing
-Image interpretations
-E-commerce and Web services
-Remote monitoring
-Online filtering

Our keynote speakers are: 
Professor Jaideep Srivastava, University of Minnesota, USA
Professor Geoff Webb, Monash University, Australia

General co-Chairs: 
   - Jianzhong Li, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
   - Osmar R. Zaiane, University of Alberta, Canada

Program co-Chairs
   - Reda Alhajj, University of Calgary, Canada
   - Hong Gao, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
   - Xue Li, Queensland University, Australia

Local Arrangement co-Chairs
   - Shengfei Shi, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
   - Lv Tianyang, Harbin Engineering University, China

Publicity co-Chairs
   - Haiwei Pan, Harbin Engineering University, China
   - Gang Li, Deakin Unversity, Australia

Finance co-Chairs
   - Jizhou Luo, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
   - Randy Goebel, Informatics Circle of Research Excellence, Canada

Registration Chair
   - Hongzhi Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

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