Call for Columnists and Call for HELP:) AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin and PORTAL

[Accept apologies for cross postings]
Dear All,
During the last two years, in AIS SIGSEMIS,
<>  , we have put all of our energy, creativity
and imagination to promote the awareness for the Semantic Web in IS
related domains and many other disciplines. 
We feel that we have reached a critical point. We need your help!!! And
to provide more value to our community. 
As you are aware the main communication vehicles are the"
-          AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin (Get our last AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin:
<> ) and
-          International Journal on Semantic Web and Information
Systems, EIC Prof. Amit Sheth,  <> (see the
latest Open Calls for Papers,  <> )
In AIS SIGSEMIS,  <>, we
are very few officially registered people. But from the other hand only
in March we had in our site (14.000!!!) unique visitors. This helped our
portal to be listed in number 750.000 of ALEXA's directory (better
position than many many other community portals). 
So, I feel that we must do more for our community. I have no problem to
bear the title of spammer that many guys give me, due to my many mails
to the community. In fact I am that clever that I can go beyond this:-)
Since my main area of expertise is Knowledge Management I am happy that
community contributions, knowledge sharing, knowledge creation etc
work, as well as the motivation and inspiration  to work collaboratively
for nice milestones. I like it and I am happy for this. 
So to come to the point: 
We want to make better the AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin as well as to provide
more frequent updates.
We are looking for more COLUMNISTs  for SIGSEMIS, both for Bulletin and
Portal.  Just drop me a mail. We are interested for all the SW and IS
areas. More over we are interested in Commercial and Industry Columns. 
Very soon our SW FACT BOOK 2005, ), in
your hands:-)
Thank you for your great support....
Best Regards
Miltiadis D. Lytras
PS: Many many thanks to Peter, Matteo, Jessica, Heiner, Leo, Mahdu for
their great support as columnists the last years..
And also my greatest appreciation and thanks  to Nikolaos Korfiatis;
Tanja Sieber, Florian Lautenbacher; Wolfgang Bartz, who do their best to
provide the new SW-enabled infrastructure for SIGSEMIS. Coming soon !!!


Received on Tuesday, 28 March 2006 11:15:00 UTC