IJ on Semantic Web and Information Systems: Journal Info + Call for Papers - Some thoughts for the ONE YEAR OF CONTRIBUTION

Dear all,

We are doing our best to serve our community and towards this direction
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems
(http://www.idea-group.com/journals/details.asp?id=4625 ) is a unique
publication outlet. We just finished the publication of the third issue and
we are putting all of our efforts for finalizing IJSWIS Vol. 1 Issue 4. We
choozed the tough way: To deliver a HIGH QUALITY Journal which means many
hours of reviewing, many academics involvent in constructive reviews (but in
fast tracks), and in parallel a continuous run to meet the deadlines of

You are great supporters of this effort and believe me this is the
motivating factor for all of our actions. Our Editor in Chief, Prof. Amit
Sheth, and our editorial board  is working very hard towards the highest
possible quality of the published articles and an intensive review
contributes contrsuctive comments to authors. If you allow me a personal
comment I would say that I am really proud for what we did this year: We
start from scratch a brand new journal and given all the constraints we are
doing extremely well. The subscription rate is very low
(http://www.idea-group.com/recommend.asp?ID=4625), an electronic system is
supporting the electronic delivery of articles
+1) while a new portal is designed for IJSWIS.

I would kindly ask your help to the promotion of our Journal to your teams
and colleagues and to ask you considering submitting one of your best papers
for consideration. It is critical, if you plan to send a paper in IJSWIS to
provide me through mail a short article, including Title, Abstract and an
executive summary before the submission in order help you in understanding
IJSWIS unique publication strategy and give you constructive guidelines and

In the meanwhile we arranged our Journal to be listed in various citation
indexes as well as DBLP,
http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/~ley/db/journals/ijswis/index.html .
An other key milestone for us is to put IJSWIS in JCR index. I am sure that
this objective will be achieved shortly.

I would like to say a GREAT THANK you for your continous support and please
feel free to contact me/us for any reason that we could be of value for you.
International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems is not one
more journal. It is OUR Journal because its value is build upon your
continous encouragment and engagement. We are looking forward for your best
papers! Let us open together the Semantic Web to the WORLD, towards a better

I am convinced that we can do it TOGETHER. I am looking forward for your
comments and suggestions.
Kindest Regards

Miltiadis D. Lytras
AIS SIGSEMIS Officer (SIG on Semantic Web and Information Systems in
Association for Information Systems, http://www.sigsemis.org)
Executive Editor International Journal on Semantic Web and Information
Systems (IDEA Group, http://www.idea-group.com/journals/details.asp?id=4625)

Received on Tuesday, 21 June 2005 12:16:44 UTC