On the Complexity of Semantic Web Jokes...

Dear Semantic Web architects, researchers, promoters and fans:
Meanwhile I was in the plane flying to somewhere for a weekend holiday I
started to have a divine inspiration about Semantic Web related jokes
about people involved in the construction and promotion of the Semantic
Web. I was in fact laughing in front of my laptop meanwhile I was
writing the jokes that came into my mind. I would like to share these
jokes with no mal-intention at all, but please be prepared to have good
sense of humor.  
These jokes are about meals, places and people related to the Semantic
Just in case in order to be avoid being sued by a set of Semantic Web
researchers and considering that I am pretty broke at this moment (I am
just a poor Semantic Web PhD researcher) I include the following clause:
"All Characters in these jokes are fictitious and any resemblance to
real persons, living or dead, is purely description logics"
OK Here We Start the Jokes.... 
What would be eating or drinking a Semantic Web researcher in a given
place around the world on a given time:
1) In the morning at the University of Georgia, USA?  
A bowl of cereal-ised N3 (Nuts, Nuts and Nuts) with freshly milked off
internet tucows milk
2) At 12:30 at Mc Semantics fast food chain, MIT Campus, Cambridge
Boston USA:
Several options:
a) A Flintstones Triple Yabadabadoo Burger for those with big appetite
b) A Special HamBerners-Lee burger with lots of MIT, double three cheese
(W3C) which means 6 slices of cheese, and lots of ketch-U-up later in
ISWC 2005
c) An HP Carroll Kids Menu Pack including a "Dilbert in Wonderland" Toy
3) When flying from Dublin's Airport, in the airports' Spar supermarket,
A Triple Decker Sandwich, the most Semantic Web oriented sandwich... 
4) In an Aussie barbecue, in Melbourne, Australia:
a) Kangaroo steak mixed with Crocodile Dundee sauce "a la chaals
Chaals Mac-a-bill the chefs restaurant always reminds to clients:
"I remember you that I have Scottish blood and you should pay the meal
before eating..."
b) In the afternoon, for your cup of tea after the barbecue: Tim Tam
Finins Chocolate Biscuits, mmm. delicious
5) At the Le Semantique Exquisite Parisiene Restaurant, Paris France:
a) Entree: Le Vichyssoise soup avec fraiche DERI Milk
b) Menu: A bottle of Sparkle Prud'hommeaux Champagne avec Sea Borne
c) Dessert: Le chef du restaurant Frank van HardMelon special dessert,
Triple mousse avec du Melon et le Semantic Layer Cake
6) In the PiggyBank Delicatessen shop in Karlsruhe, Germany:
Would you like half a kilo of York Ham...
Sure,...I would like one kilo indeed...
7) In a Canterbury ice cream shop, England:
A Triple scoop HP (Holly Person) Becket Sundaes' ice cream
8) At night at the Crazy Drunken OWL pub:
a) A bottle of DL Scotch Whiskey on the Ho-rrocks from Manchester
b) Triple McBride Cocktail also on the Ho-rrocks from Bristol
c) A pint of D. McGuiness Records, the Beer that is drunk in triples
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Signed The Crazy Night OWL

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