Re: DC in XHTML2

It is great that you are looking at XHTML 2 and its RDF support for 
this.  Silly question, but is there a reason that you can't just 
interpret the value of @content as a QName in your article processors?  
Or does that seem like a hack?  And if it does seem like a hack, would 
you like to see another attribute added that would mean "the value of 
this property is this qname?"  If so, do you have a suggested name?

Similarly, would something like <h property="dc:subject" 
content="your:Qname">The actual subject</h> instead of adding a 
dc:subject element to the markup language?  or does that  fly in the 
face of compactness?

Misha Wolf wrote:

>As some of you will know, the XHTML2 draft [1] introduces a 
>very interesting syntax for RDF, which many would consider to 
>be an improvement on the traditional RDF/XML syntax.  No doubt, 
>many content authors will be seeking to add DC metadata to 
>their XHTML2 content using these new mechanisms.
>The News Architecture Working Party of the International Press 
>Telecommunications Council (IPTC) is investigating the use of 
>XHTML2 for expressing DC and other metadata.  A major problem 
>for us is the lack of support in the current XHTML2 draft (as 
>in RDF/XML) for the use of QNames to express terms in 
>controlled vocabularies (aka values of properties).
>At the moment, the XHTML2 @content attribute takes PCDATA and 
>the @href attribute takes IRIs.  There is no attribute 
>available for QNames.
>We want to be able to use, eg, <dc:subject> with a QName as a 
>value (ie the object of the RDF statement).  The reasons include 
>legibility and compactness.  News items (and news headlines) 
>often carry numerous subject codes, hence the need for 
>Is anyone else in the DC community looking at the use of DC in 
>XHTML2 and thinking along similar lines to us?  We would be 
>very happy to work with others on this issue.
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