Final CFP and deadline extension: ISWC05 Workshop on Ontology Patterns for the Semantic Web (OPSW)

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Final Call for Papers: ISWC-05 OPSW Workshop:
"Ontology Patterns for the Semantic Web"

*****Notice: deadline extended to July 25th

As interest in the semantic web increases, so, too, has the need for 
high-quality and reusable examples of semantic web ontologies. In 
this workshop, we will accept submissions on ontology content - that 
is, actual ontologies in OWL or RDFS that address an open, and 
general problem.
  The workshop will be of interest to anyone committed to using 
semantic web technology, or becoming part of the semantic web itself. 
Many newcomers find the technology daunting, and having a sound place 
to start will improve matters considerably. In addition, the W3C 
SWBPD WG task force on "Ontology Engineering and Patterns" will be 
able to use material submitted to this workshop as candidates to 
publish as W3C notes.
  This half-day workshop will focus on discussion instead of 
presentation. We will accept paper submissions that describe 
particular ontologies in RDFS and OWL. These papers will be reviewed 
for correctness, quality, and generality/reusibility, in addition to 
scholarship and readability. From the accepted submissions, we will 
select a smaller number to be presented. Each selected ontology will 
be assigned a responder from the workshop participants who will 
commit to carefully reviewing the work and providing directed 
comments and helping to lead the discussion. We expect roughly 20 
minutes of presentation by the author, with 10 minutes of directed 
comment by the responder, and then 30 minutes of open discussion in 
the workshop.

   Finally, we would like to end the day with a panel on upper-level 
ontologies for the semantic web, to ensure we end on a lively note 
and have people talking about it during the conference proper.

   Related conferences are FOIS-2004 ( 
) and CorOnt-2004 (  ).

Submitting:  Springer LNCS format, 15 pages. Authors are encouraged 
to apply the following paper outline: (a) Problem and context (b) 
Existing resources and past work (c) Proposed formalization.

---->>> Deadline: July 25th, 2005
WKS date: November 7th, 2005, afternoon

Chris Welty
IBM Research

Aldo Gangemi

Program Committee:
Pat Hayes, IHMC
Alan Rector, U. Manchester 
Deborah McGuinness, Stanford KSL
Mike Uschold, Boeing Research
Elisa Kendall, Sandpiper
Natasha Noy, Stanford U.

Aldo Gangemi
Research Scientist
Laboratory for Applied Ontology
Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technology
National Research Council (ISTC-CNR)
Via Nomentana 56, 00161, Roma, Italy
Tel: +390644161535
Fax: +390644161513

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