[ANN] Elmo 0.1.1: An ontology API for Sesame

Elmo 0.1.1; an ontology API for Sesame

We are proud to announce the first public release of Elmo: a toolkit for
developing Semantic Web applications using the popular Sesame storage,
query and inference facility.

Elmo provides a dedicated API for a number of well known web ontologies
including Dublin Core, RSS and FOAF. The dedicated API makes it easier
to work with RDF data for the supported ontologies. The API is
extensible and is expected to cover a larger set of existing web
ontologies in future releases.

Elmo also offers a set of tools related to the supported ontologies,
including an RDF crawler, a FOAF smusher and a FOAF validator.

Elmo is open source software and is distributed under the LGPL license.
Download pointers and support for Elmo are available at:


Feedback on this first public release is highly appreciated. The Elmo
discussion forums can be found at 


Special thanks to the team of openrdf.org (Jeen Broekstra and Arjohn
Kampman) for their help and support for this project.



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