(unknown charset) Re: [VM] Configuration management for RDFS/OWL ontologies

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 09:36:15PM +0200, Jan Algermissen wrote:
> On Jul 8, 2005, at 5:56 PM, Miles, AJ ((Alistair)) wrote:
> >I'd be happy to rename it to 'change management'.
> Beware that change management is primarily interested in the  
> management of the change *process* (requesting a change, controlling  
> undesired effects of the intended change, getting approval etc.) not  
> the versioning issues.

This puts a finger on why I'm not comfortable with the word

> Configuration management OTH, *is* concerned with managing the  
> versions (or at least baselines) if applied to source code (the  
> configuration of a piece of source code is its content).

However, analogies involving software code or automobile options
seem misleading.

How about "change documentation" or even (to come full circle)
"version documentation"?


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