ANN: NG4J V0.4 released, including support for digital signatures


we have released NG4J - Named Graphs API for Jena version 0.4 today.

New in 0.4:
- a new Semantic Web Publishing (SWP) API
- an improved TriQL query engine
- multiple bug fixes.

Named Graphs are a simple extension to the RDF abstract syntax, enabling statements about RDF graphs:

The W3C Data Access Working Group is adopting a similar abstract syntax as basis for SPARQL. Their RDF Dataset is a set of named graphs plus one distinct unlabelled 'background graph':

NG4J is an extension to the Jena Semantic Web framework which adds support for Named Graphs, TriX, TriG, TriQL and SWP to Jena.

NG4J's new Semantic Web Publishing API provides methods for adding
meta-information like propsitional attitudes to graphs and for signing
graphsets using digital signatures. The API implements the Semantic Web
Publishing vocabulary (SWP), which is described in:

It's RDF schema is found at:

An example of a graphset which has been signed using SWP-2 is found here:

NG4J is available under BSD license and can be downloaded from:

We hope that NG4J, as an implementation of Named Graphs for the popular Jena framework, encourages experimentation in areas of advanced Semantic Web development such as provenance tracking, versioning, access control, privacy and trust.

Lots of thanks to Rowland Watkins for his work on the SWP API.


Received on Friday, 25 February 2005 08:22:54 UTC