Re: (Fwd) Re: new Semantic Web Interest Group (SWIG) home list, se

Hi John,

* John Fletcher <> [2005-02-04 16:33-0000]
> There is another use of SWIG at  which has 
> been around since at least 2000.  It has a sourceforge download 
> page and also a message list at

Thanks for the reminder. I was aware of SWIG when we renamed the 
group, and initally tried to use "SW IG" here instead of "SWIG",
but of course the contraction is too appealing, and people are 
pronouncing it "Swig" rather than "S.W.-I.G.". We are also using 
#swig as an IRC channel name, and do occasionally have a brief 
confusion. The naming clash is unfortunate, but in a worldwide Web, 
these things happen. I have just updated the Semantic Web 
Interest Group homepage,
to include a paragraph,

    (If you are looking for the [Simplified Wrapper and Interface
     Generator] SWIG project, this may not be the SWIG for you).
I hope that goes someway towards avoiding confusion.

> The concern of this other SWIG is software interfacing and the 
> software supplied is capable of generating interface code so that
> various languages (python, perl, ruby etc) can call subroutines
> written in C or C++.  Thus it could be a tool used in some 
> component of Semantic Web software.
> I am a user of it.

It is probably most familiar to SW people via Dave Beckett's 
Redland system, which uses it. I hope the 'real SWIG' people 
aren't too annoyed to have another computer-related effort using 
the same acronym.



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