Re: missing bit of RDF for XML people

I had posted a similar idea here recently [1], but instead of thinking 
using blank_predicate to link the xml nodes I created blank nodes and
had the xml nodes represent relationships.

That will work a lot better than your idea because if you have more than
one country such as:


you would end up with

country  - (blank_predicate1) --> "Canada"
country  - (blank_predicate1) --> "Paris"

which would be contradiction.

Henry Story

[1] also available at

On 3 Feb 2005, at 13:29, Karl Dubost wrote:
> So I thought let's write something without thinking about writing good 
> RDF.
>  subject        predicate          object
> country  - (blank_predicate1) --> "Canada"
> country  - (blank_predicate2) --> city  - (blank_predicate3) --> 
> "Montréal"
> country  - (blank_predicate2) --> city  - (blank_predicate3) --> 
> "Toronto"
> country  - (blank_predicate2) --> city  - (blank_predicate3) --> 
> "Vancouver"
> A blank predicate would be something, there's a relation between these 
> two things, but I don't yet how to describe it, just I know that it 
> exists and I know that between these type of things, the relation is 
> always the same unknown type.

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