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I am happy we put together the AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin 2 (3&4) 2005 Double special issue on Semantic Web and Social Networks (with research articles mostly from PhD students). 
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Hope you will like it.

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AIS SIGSEMIS Activities          
            SIGSEMIS Sponsored International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems            
            Subscription Info:         
            CFP: Special Issue on Multimedia Semantics:        
            Table of Contents of IJSWIS 1(4) 2005 :  
            IJSWIS Call for Papers: 
            SIGSEMIS sponsored Events and Publications      
            MTSR'05: Keynote Speeches          
Amit Sheth: Semantics Enabled Industrial and Scientific Applications: Research, Technology and Deployed Applications     
Tom Gruber, Ontology of Folskonomy     
            ECIS 2006 Semantic Web and Information Systems Track (Update)          
            AMCIS 2006 SIGSEMIS sponsored tracks   
Semantic Web and Information Systems            
Semantic eBusiness         
Social Intelligence in Information Systems            
             Update on AIS SIGSEMIS Sponsored IEEE TKDE Special Issue on Knowledge and Data Engineering in the Semantic Web Era      
             Update on AIS SIGSEMIS Sponsored Library Management Journal Special Issue: Digital Libraries in the Knowledge Era      
             Update on AIS SIGSEMIS Sponsored Learning Organizational Journal Special Issue on Semantic and Social Aspects of Learning in Organizations 
             Update on AIS SIGSEMIS Sponsored E-Government: an International Journal Special Issue on Exploiting Knowledge Management for Ubiquitous E-Government in the Semantic Web           
             Update on AIS SIGSEMIS Sponsored British Journal of Educational Technology Special Issue on Advances of Semantic Web for E-learning: Expanding Learning Frontiers         
             Update on AIS SIGSEMIS Sponsored International Journal of Technology Management Special           
             Issue on Knowledge Management within the Health, Pharmaceutical and Clinical Sectors: Towards patient-centric health care systems          
Acknowledgements and Thank You to EIC of IEEE IC and EIC JWE          
Research Articles "Special Issue on Semantic Web and Social Networks"        
Zhou L., Guest Editorial: Social Networks and the Semantic Web,    
Golbeck J., Semantic Social Networks for Email Filtering: A Prototype and Analysis     
Uren V., Zhu J., Goncalves A., Applying Mined Social Networks to Knowledge Management Scenarios         
Ding Y., Study of Design Issues on an Automated Semantic Annotation System,            
Reeve L., Han H., Semantic Annotation for Semantic Social Networks Using Community Resources,       
Rogers P., Podcasting and Its Role in Semantic Social Networks, the Web 2.0, and the Semantic Web,    
Zhdanova A., An approach to ontology construction and its application to community portals, 
            Long A-J., Chang P.., The Development of the Semantic-based Intelligent Interactive Knowledge Architecture for the Health Education: Taking the Health Education for the Diabetics as an Example,      
Damjanovic V., eQ: Better Personalized Adaptation on the Semantic Web and Grid, 
Bertino E., Ferrari E., Perego A., A General Approach to Metadata-based Web Content Filtering,           
            Banerjee P., Hu X., Yoo I., Discovering the Wealth of Public Knowledge: An Approach to Early Threat Detection,         
Projects Column(in this issue: SemNetMan, SWAPS, BRAHMS)       
Regular Columns           
RDF Technologies, Foundations, Applications and Developments Column            
by Dr. Heiner Stuckenschmidt            
In this issue: RDF and Thesauri - A Perfect Match   
Search Technology Technologies    
by Dr. Peter Alesso  
In this issue: Ontology Matching for Search Engines 
Semantic Web Technologies    
by Dr. Jessica Chen Burger     
In this issue: Unleashing Business Processes through Semantic Web - a Fact or Myth?  
The Semantic Desktop Grapevine         
by Dr. Leo Sauermann       
In this issue: "Introducing Column"           
 Books Corner 
Intelligent Learning Infrastructures for Knowledge Intensive Organizations: A semantic web perspective, Edited by Miltiadis D. Lytras and Ambjorn Naeve  110
CFC: Open Source for Knowledge and Learning Management: Strategies beyond tools            112
CFC: Ubiquitous and Pervasive Knowledge and Learning Management: Semantics, Social Networking and New Media to their full potential            114
An Interview with Terry A. Winograd by Morten Thanning Vendel 
Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras 
Get our last AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin: 
AIS SIGSEMIS Officer (SIG on Semantic Web and Information Systems in Association for Information Systems,
Executive Editor International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IDEA Group,
Editor in Chief International Journal of Knowledge and Learning (IJKL) - 
Editor in Chief, AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin, 
Collaborating Editor in Chief International Journal of Learning and Change (IJLC)- 
Associate Editor International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies (IJMSO)- 
ECIS Track on Semantic Web and Information Systems:
MSR'05:First on-Line conference on Metadata and Semantics Research: Approaches to Advanced Information Systems 
Lytras M. and Naeve A. (eds) Intelligent Learning Infrastructure for Knolwedge Intensive Organizations: A Semantic Web Perspective:
??t?a? ???t??d??, ??a?e???s? G??s?? ?a? ????s??, ??d?se?? ?apas?t?????, 470 se??de?,
Lytras M., Sicilia M.A., Kinshuk, Sampson D. , "Semantic and social aspects of learning in organizations", The Learning Organization Journal, Volume 12, Issue 5,
Lytras M., Sicilia M.A, Davies J., Kashyap V., "Digital libraries in the knowledge era: Knowledge management and Semantic Web technologies", Library Management:, Volume 26 Issue 4/5 ,
Sampson D., Lytras M., Wagner G. and Diaz P., "Ontologies and the Semantic Web for E-learning", Educational Technolgy and Society Journal,
Lytras M., Naeve A., Pouloudi N., "Knowledge Management Technologies for E-learning",  IJ of Distance Educational Technologies,
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, "Knowledge and Data Engineering in the Semantic Web Era",
BJET, Advances of Semantic Web for E-learning: Expanding learning frontiers,
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