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questions about Thailand and intro

From: Content-wire Research <editor@content-wire.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 17:09:44 +0100
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To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>

> Greetings!
> I am a new subscriber to this list, have been suggested to consult here by 
> another w3 fellow.
> A couple of questions

> 1) anyone on this list is in Thailand, or in touch with people in 
> Thailand? I was looking up some local references but could not  find any 
> local contacts
> 2) was trying to find out how many companies in Thailand are w3 members, 
> but could not find that info. > Please let me have that data if you have 
> it, thanks
> 3) I am preparing some notes  on the semantic web for a lecture, and I d 
> like to coordinate with whoever is interested  to align my work to 
> whatever is out there already in this neighborhood. I am familiar with 
> Ivan Herman
recent lectures in China

> Thanks a lot, Look forward to the discussions
> Paola Di Maio
  About Me
> Have been a technical writer and business journalist for some years, then 
> worked on online information projects
> internationally. Have background in intelligent applications and knowledge 
> modeling. Have been waiting for the internet all my life, and finally it 
> got here and changed my life, and have been learning new things ever 
> since.
> Since 2001 I specialise in content management systems design and have been 
> maintining content-wire.com, which sprung up at the end of the internet 
> boom and its still alive. (too bad the code does not validate due to some 
> proprietary coldfusion tags - dont know what to do about it).
  We were referenced by W3 working groups when  we had the only online 
glossary of content related technical terms. I am  working on an ontology 
and controlled vocabulary for content management.
> Have contributed articles to some decent publications, and work as 
> 'expert' in new technologies when people need my opinion. Have 
> participated in a few industry panels, including one at Seybold in 
> Amsterdam a couple of years ago. Have masters degree in information 
> systems for University of Kent, UK, speak four european languages, 
> Currently in Thailand, where I introduce IT concepts to young adepts. Now 
> my programme enters the 'network, internet and semantic web' phase, and as 
> I prepare my notes I dont seem to be able to find anyone here who has 
> spoken publicly about these issues so far  Anyone out there? Lets hook 
> up...
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