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ANN: gnowsis 0.8 alpha release

From: Leo Sauermann <leo@gnowsis.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 11:59:55 +0200
Message-ID: <4159361B.9030108@gnowsis.com>
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    gnowsis alpha release 0.8


Kaiserslautern, 28. September 2004
Hello all <foaf:Person>!

I have the pleasure to announce that we released an alpha version of the 
Semantic Desktop framework "gnowsis" today. It is published under a BSD 
compatible license.

gnowsis is a personal semantic web desktop server - for short: a 
Semantic Desktop. Like a local webserver, that can be seen only by you 
and that contains your own files, emails, friends and photos.

Some gnowsis features are:

Server Features

    * Local RDF Database (Jena Model based)
    * Data integration Hub. integrates different Data sources.
    * Filesystem adapter
    * MP3-ID3 tag adapter (using MP3 Library by Jens Vonderheide)
    * Microsoft Outlook adapter
    * Mozilla Thunderbird email adapter
    * Mozilla Firefox bookmarks adapter
    * Java Client API
    * full text indexing (using Apache Lucene)
    * local webserver for experiments (using Jetty)
    * Many RDFS vocabs used

Browser Features

    * Browse the local Semantic Desktop
    * shows related information for any resource
    * Manage your projects using ordinary File Folders
    * full text search
    * Link anything with drag-drop
    * annotate photos and persons

Framework features

    * Handy RDF utilities: org.gnowsis.util.*
    * Remote Models. Access your jena Models on remote servers like they
      are local, through the Jena model interface and XML-RPC magic. See
    * File backed models with convenience. Have your model save every X
      seconds to a file! See org.gnowsis.util.filemodel


    * RDF data in Gnowsis is read only.
    * Stability and performance. This is a research prototype. Don't use
      it in commercial projects. This is alpha. Wait a few months and it
      will be beta.

Gnowsis was developed by me and others during the last two years. Full 
credits given here <http://www.gnowsis.org/About/Credits>.
The release contains full source and build scripts for ant. Gnowsis was 
developed using Eclipse/Ant/Apache/...

Leo Sauermann

DI Leo Sauermann
P.O. Box 2080           Fon:   +49 631 205-3503
67608 Kaiserslautern    Fax:     +49 631 205-3210
Germany                 Mail:  leo.sauermann@dfki.de
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