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RE: web proper names redux [Mea culpal]

From: Hammond, Tony <T.Hammond@nature.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 16:12:54 +0100
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Apologies - I see that I should retract the first quote I provided. The URI
Opacity section in AWWW is concerned primarily with inferring
characteristics of the resource from the URI syntax. This is true.

What I was attempting (clumsily) to address was that one can meaningfully
interpret information embedded within a URI string - if there is a public
specification for so doing. Hence a URI need not be opaque with regard to
information transfer, although it remains opaque with regard to any
representations that it can be dereferenced to.


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> Subject: RE: web proper names redux
> > This isn't really a "solution" at the RDF level, since URIs
> > are fully opaque, and thus, one is not licensed to examine 
> > the URI scheme to make decisions regarding the meaning of a 
> > given URI, insofar as the RDF MT is concerned. True, some 
> > people do that, but that is non-conformant and potentially 
> > dangerous behavior for a SW client.
> This actually should not go unchallenged - it is simply 
> incorrect - see 
> 	http://w3.org/TR/webarch/#uri-opacity
> 	"Good practice: URI opacity
> 	Agents making use of URIs SHOULD NOT attempt to infer 
> properties of the referenced resource except as specified by 
> relevant specifications."
> and
> 	"Some URI assignment authorities document and publish 
> their URI assignment policies."
> A good example of this is "The OpenURL Framework" which is 
> (proposed) ANSI/NISO information standard Z39.88, see
> 	http://library.caltech.edu/openurl/Standard.htm
> This defines a public data model in support of 
> context-sensitive services and a public registry for core 
> components used by the data model (e.g. identifier 
> namespaces, metadata formats, etc.). Two serializations are 
> defined by the draft standard - an HTTP(S) URI querystring, 
> and an XML document. (Other serializations for the data model 
> - eg RDF/XML - are possible. An RSS 1.0 module 'mod_context' 
> has alreay been published.) The
> (proposed) standard thus provides a public prescription for 
> building HTTP(S) URI querytrings. An OpenURL in the wild can 
> be recognized by a defined token, and further can be 
> validated to prove conformancy with the data model.
> Thus an OpenURL (i.e. in URI form) is not opaque at the 
> querystring level since there is a relevant public 
> specification - Z39.88.
> Cheers,
> Tony
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