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continuation: rdfs:range with dcterms:isPartOf

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Oops, I accidentally sent that before I was done.  Just a wee bit more:

So it seems to me that I should simply omit specifying any ranges for
isPartOf.  Then I can attach it to any domain that I need.  Does that sound
reasonable to others?


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Brakepad isPartOf BrakeAssembly.
BrakeAssembly isPartOf Vehicle.

It seems like I can NOT specify that there is an rdfs:range on
dcterms:isPartOf for the class Vehicle as well as the class BrakeAssembly.
The reason is because the RDF Schema spec says "Where P has more than one
rdfs:range, then the resources denoted by the objects...are instances of
*all* the classes..." [emphasis added].

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