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RE: [ANN] Topic Map Explorer Version 1.0

From: rick coope <rick.coope@tmexplorer.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 10:05:16 +0100
To: <www-rdf-interest@w3.org>
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Semantic Web Technologies announce the release of Topic Map Explorer - the
next generation of personal knowledge management software.

Making effective use of the large amount of information that resides on the
desktop is critical to the important decisions that all users of information
have to make. Topic Map Explorer (TME) is a revolutionary desktop
application that provides a single, unified and structured way to organize,
classify, find and share information.

The modern desktop is loaded with documents, emails and web links that are
critical to business function, academic research; in fact any task where
knowledge and information are critical to the decision making process. TME
combines a Windows Explorer look and feel, advanced metadata and taxonomy
technology and peer-2-peer features to deliver a knowledge organizer that
provides a unique and powerful way to organize and access personal and
corporate information in an efficient and accurate way.

TME organizes information around topics and concepts rather than folders.
Unlike folders, topics are not connected in a strict hierarchy. Topics can
be connected to form a model of knowledge into which files can be related.
Files, emails, and web links can all be connected to multiple topics. This
is similar to assigning metadata or keywords and enables fast and accurate
retrieval of relevant information. 

The knowledge models created provide many different ways to find the same
piece of information and users are able to navigate the topic map in many
different ways depending on how they are currently thinking.

TME takes away the pain of classifying information against relevant topics.
Auto-classification, office suite integration and importing of existing
structures all mean that each document is related to as many relevant topics
as possible. Users can additionally classify documents to add extra value.

With information organized against topics TME provides a unique document
location technology to enable rapid filtering and location of relevant
information through simple to use dynamic menus. This technology makes use
of the assignment of files and emails to multiple topics. Users can then use
TME to triangulate and locate the right piece of information in moments.

In addition to the core knowledge management functionality, TME utilizes
Peer-to-Peer technology to provide seamless connectivity to co-workers,
project team members and colleagues. Users can opt to share their knowledge
structures and documents that are classified with other users.

In practice this means that a user can search or navigate locally through
their own knowledge structure and additionally 'ask' their peers if they
have any knowledge or documents about the same topic or subject. This
feature allows users to share explicit knowledge and supports 'casual reuse
of information'.

Semantic Web Technologies have taken the complexities of knowledge
management and packaged them into a user interface and paradigm that is
common to all Windows users. This provides a unique and powerful way for
individuals to organize their own information and knowledge so that they can
more easily find it. Combined with Peer-2-Peer connectivity, this uniquely
enables TME users the ability to share content and knowledge throughout
their organization.

For more information and to download a free trial of Topic Map Explorer see
the website at www.tmexplorer.com

About Semantic Web Technologies

Semantic Web Technologies is a leading provide of knowledge management
technology and corporate and individual knowledge management tools. SWT is a
dynamic and ambitious company that brings together a wealth of business and
technological innovations.


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