Re: peer-to-peer schema models: "Users, not designers, create and communicate meaning."

I interpreted this question differently to the answers I have seen so far...

I thought it was concentrating on processes where the development of the
schema happened over time, as an inclusive process based on usage, rather
than being "handed down from on high by experts".

I think there are a number of well-known projects that do this. FOAF tends to
emerge from teh user community and discussions held in a well-known forum.

Dublin Core similarly has a process that allows for wide-ranging community
participation, and in practice this happens.

In my experience a large number of projects coming from the RDF world work
like this. Some from other areas, such as the FRBR stuff from IFLA has this
kind of process behind it, with a degree of standardisation agreed on after
wide-ranging discussion. (FRBR isn't yet available as an RDF vocabulary as
far as I know, but there is a "p2p" or "hacker community" based spanish
project to change this).



On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:

>Does anyone know of current peer-to-peer RDF projects?
>By this I am referring to projects where the RDF metacontent or schema
>is defined over time by users.
>(some people might consider the CD labelling project of this type.)
>I've proposed this model for a number of projects including:
>The WWAAC concept coding framework project
>The CEN metadata for accessibility  project
>There may well be significant hurdles in adopting this approach,
>however was inspired to request evidence of current successes by the
>excellent: "Where the Action Is"  The foundations of embodied
>interaction by Paul Dourish.
>when after a particularly intractable and rambling passage he announces:
>"Principle: Users, not designers, create and communicate meaning."
>Jonathan Chetwynd
>     "It's easy to use"

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