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[ANN] Nemo - Glues RDF to XSLT

From: James Cerra <jfcst24_public@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 21:57:20 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <20041130055720.81107.qmail@web42208.mail.yahoo.com>
To: www-rdf-interest@w3.org

Yes: Yet another library for accessing RDF datastores
with XSLT processors!  ;-)  Nemo [1] is basically a
convience function library for accessing standalone
(i.e. root=rdf:RDF) and embedded (i.e. graph's root is
not rdf:RDF or the root of the XML document) RDF/XML
models.  Currently, it consists only of simple
adapters between the Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor
[2] and Jena Semantic Web Framework [3].

You can download Nemo from [1].  If java.net ever
approves my project, it'll be located at [4].  Nemo
currently requires Java 1.5 (or 1.4 possibly if
recompiled, I think) and the current CVS version of
Jena.  If CVS scares you, I can email a copy of a
precompiled Jena jar (use with the other jars
distributed with Jena 2.1) - although it may not work
on your computer.  P.S. If Nemo doesn't work at first,
try recompiling it! (javac *.java)

It isn't that impressive right now, but I have a lot
to do (1st priority - get a domain so I can create a
good package name). The program copyrighted by me,
James Francis Cerra, and this preview should be
considered under the GPL, Version 2. I currently
intend release Nemo under a less restrictive license
later, after I put more thought into it.  Current

   1. Get a domain and project home.
   2. Package nemo and put it into a jar.
   3. Write JavaDocs and clean up the code.
   4. Add *Better* support for inline datastores.
   5. Add inference support.
   6. Add support for Xalan.
   7. Add support for other XSLT processors.
   8. Add support for other RDF frameworks (déjà vu).
   9. Write a good home page.

The project is called Nemo, since I recently watched
the excellent movie, Finding Nemo [5].  I was inspired
by RDFTwig [6] from Norman Walsh.  I liked how you
could write RDQL queries and pass them onto Jena - but
I didn't like any of RDFTwig's other features!  


-- Jimmy Cerra


[2] http://saxon.sourceforge.net/

[3] http://jena.sourceforge.net/

[4] http://nemo.dev.java.net/

[5] http://www.pixar.com/featurefilms/nemo/

[6] http://rdftwig.sourceforge.net/

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